What Makes Her So Pretty?

What Makes Her So Pretty?

Is the girl that barely wears any clothes or only takes back shots your definition of pretty? Or is it that girl who wears a lot of makeup and a lot of weaves who takes a million selfies and rephrases rapper’s lyrics in her captions as she reaches for an audience? What about the girls who broadcasts plastic surgery as a way to enter into society to gain attention or self-esteem?

Women transition often, our appearance is always changing due to what’s fashionable or who wore it best, but what about true beauty, is that even relevant anymore?

I’m the woman who sits in a cafe with a hoodie, curly fro, flowy pants, and mascara with possible eyeliner. I feel invisible to the world around me and right now I prefer the isolation. I just watch, and look, and see everyone and thing around me, nothing is off limits.

Ever since I can remember I’ve always been complimented or praised based on my outer appearance, but I’ve always wondered if it was ever genuine or a moment to pretend I’m actually the “pretty” girl everyone said I was. I don’t care really anymore, as long as I look presentable, at least in my mind’s eye. Beauty is essence, beauty is subjective, and deeper than the world’s preconceptions of the Nefertiti’s and Cleopatra’s of today.


Answer me this, what makes her so pretty anyways?

2 thoughts on “What Makes Her So Pretty?”

  1. In my opinion, prettiness is different to beauty. Being pretty has to do with outer appearance whereas I think beauty refers more to the person’s identity, strengths and personality. Nevertheless, I also think the two are somehow linked. For example, a person that one may not find particularly pretty may become prettier as we realise their inner beauty; in that same way, a person we find pretty may become less pretty as we realise they are not very beautiful inside.
    So that’s my theory, at least for now 😛

    1. I love your opinion and I agree wholeheartedly. It’s like the world portrays what beauty and “prettiness” should look like instead of allowing one’s true beauty to show. Thanks Eliza for your input, it’s highly valued!

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