What I’ve Learned from Providing FREE Services

What I’ve Learned from Providing FREE Services

Lessons, lessons, lessons, they can be found within all experiences if one looks deep enough for it. I was extremely nervous with going forward with providing my intuitive reading and counseling sessions so I started off by promoting donation based services. This was a great learning platform and there are two reasons why:

  1. I learned that I do possess the skills to do what I want to do.
  2. Charging will attract those who will value my time and be open to receive their message/s.

I did come across another Intuitive while providing a free session and I would’ve never met them had I not promoted this service so that’s definitely a positive note!

One day a couple of days before one particular reading I received a feeling. It surrounded my heart chakra and it left me feeling angry and frustrated. I knew it wasn’t my energy so when I tuned in  I realized it was from a client that I would soon be reading for. Not fully understanding what this meant I went ahead and did my scheduled reading with them. It turned out to be a negative experience due to the fact that the client was indeed angry and frustrated because of life circumstances. They would not accept the information I was giving and in the end they gained nothing, yet I gained wisdom.

Other Lightworkers have told me to add a monetary value for the services that I provide and at first I was really against it but now I understand.

With that said, I honor and value your time and trust in me, all I ask is that you value my time and trust I am servicing your highest best!

With love and light always,

Amber Choisella♥

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6 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned from Providing FREE Services”

  1. I had this *exact* lesson back in July (I started free services in March). And I also took in someone elses energy who absolutely refused to accept the guidance/messages coming through. It was an eye-opener to show that not everyone will be willing to accept the information provided because of their own inherent resistances.

    Those that choose to vibrate at lower frequencies will do so regardless of what you can offer [no matter if it is paid or unpaid]. This is a good lesson to see just how you are serving others – you can’t take responsibility FOR another persons vibration. They are solely in charge for how they use what you can offer. Hope this helps!!

    1. Your advice or suggestion ALWAYS helps Adam! I did not take the situation personally, but it taught me what I needed. I sent the client love and light and I’m hopeful their find their way, eventually, we all do, eventually. 🙂

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