The Ideal Relationship Between an Atheist & Spiritualist

The Ideal Relationship Between an Atheist & Spiritualist

Is this a joke? It could possibly be but for the most part it isn’t. This is the perfect definition of opposites attract right? Yeah, but do you wanna know the secret that allows us (him and I) to maintain a loving relationship without offending one another? If this is interesting to you please continue reading to find the top 3 ideals to maintaining an opposites attract “healthy relationship” that I have learned to know.


Respect creates boundaries and that’s salient to maintaining a relationship. Loving each other enough to support each other despite perspectives of our outside world is almost EVERYTHING. Another paramount point to mention is…. wait for it, just wait for it…


We cannot try to “fix” one another in the way we think we both should perceive the world. That’s not LOVE that’s domination and control. Love is about accepting others for who and what they are and stand for, which ties into the final ideal….


Love is without saying you’re sorry, isn’t that the saying? Well, in parts it’s true. Love isn’t about right or wrong it’s about support, encouragement, and growth… really.

The article entitled, Atheists can be spiritual too explains how the two can be joined in a different but similar view to this post. All in all, these three ideals are needed not just for a relationship between an atheist and a spiritualist but all relationships.



Amber Choisella♥

10 thoughts on “The Ideal Relationship Between an Atheist & Spiritualist”

  1. I feel like I’m both in the same body and it’s really frustrating (sigh)…I really do WANT to believe in everything spiritual, I’m mindful of it on a daily basis, but equally because I can’t see it or touch it or even feel it for the most part, I feel like I just don’t have it. I can’t just go on blind faith like so many can, part of me wishes I could.

    It’s a curious place to be.

    1. That makes sense and you’re not alone in feeling this way. It’s healthy to be skeptical even in a spiritual perspective. We are human and not every experience can be explained by spiritual phenomena but then again life on this planet was created for a spiritual experience if that makes sense? Follow what feels true to you, always.

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  3. Such a good post Amber. I clicked on that Huffington Post link and read the article as well.

    “We are all made of stardust” – absolutely love this. 🙂

    Completely agree with you on the 3 points which constitute a healthy and loving relationship. <3

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