My session with you was very inspiring. I’ve never had a reading where I felt the person was authentic and genuine. I feel liberated and empowered. There’s no greater feeling than the one you’ve given me. You gave me hope and made me feel sure of my intuitions and feelings. I truly appreciate you and your God given gifts. Love, Light, Life and Happiness.. Chevon❤
New York City, NY


I guess sometimes its good to let your gaurd down…. I opened up to my reading and literally felt soooo much energy and chemistry between Amber and I, it was just so amazing and “weird” to feel all those sensations as my reading was taking place. Finding out soo many characteristics about myself and what sense of direction I should be taking was enlightening. I felt so much more energy still after the reading too, Amber definitely gave me some awareness to my “powers” that I have and would highly recommend coming back to Amber for some more guidance and saying hello to some familiar faces. Add touch from a furry friend…so touching. THANK YOU!!!

Kayla M   11/27/18

Sacramento, CA


Amber was excellent. My experience with her was spot on. She confirmed so many things for me in this session and came threw with many others I had doubts about. She has definitely helped me in becoming more attuned with my spiritual guides and in trusting my spiritual journey. So fascinated and cannot wait to see where it takes me:).

Love, & Light,




Got a reading done by Amber on Sunday and it gave me so much clarity on what I need to be doing with my life, it was exactly what I needed to hear!! I would highly recommend her if you need some guidance or just reassurance, can’t wait for my next reading!! Thank you so much Amber ❤️

Vanessa 10/30/18

Sacramento, CA



My reading with Amber was such a great experience! Amber and I had never spoken until we started the reading and she already knew what was on my mind. Shes very down to earth and does not sugar coat anything. You wont be disappointed talking to her. My reading was exactly what I needed to hear and definitely addressed some current things that were going on with me. The reading gave me some clarity and has helped me realize what I need to do next to meet my goals. Amber is definitely someone that I will go to again when I need some insight.

 Vanessa, July 15th, 2018

Novato, CA

About a year or two ago I was in an unstable place emotionally. Some might call it being young, and unsure of the world, and the feelings being felt. But, I knew, that the way I thought about myself on a day to day basis wasn’t the way “normal” kids did. From the haunting thoughts that led into the hours of 3 and four in the morning, to the crazy dreams that I was sure meant something. Coincidentally, I came across one of Ambers post not too long after her grandmother’s death. She, like me, was unsure of a lot things, and i decided to reach out. I found out later of her ability to do the amazing thing she does, and decided to take the opportunity and have my tarot cards read. I can’t begin to explain what that experience did for me. Through Amber, my entire idea on life changed, and I know that may sound cliché, but it’s the best way I can describe it. Me saying she gave me my life back is not an exaggeration, it’s strictly a blessing. A blessing that I would encourage you all to be a part of. The amount of flexibility, organization, care, and efficiency Amber possesses is absolutely phenomenal, and I wouldn’t choose anyone else to do something as beautiful as this for me. 

Afsheen, 2018

Recently, I had a reading done by Amber. I’ve been to other mediums in that past but it’s still hard for me to come up with questions to ask. Amber was patient and helped the reading flow. She started by explaining how she worked and what the chakras were. That was interesting because my chakras she described were relevant to me. She picked up on the fact that I work with children and have a big heart towards helping them progress. She said I had six guides (which I only thought I had one!) and that my dad was with me putting his hand on my shoulder giving me support. She picked up on a car accident I had where major injuries happened to everyone but me. (My guides were absolutely there to help me at that time!) I left feeling happy because she said she could feel the love my guides were giving me as they were hugging me during the reading. I would recommend Amber to anyone looking to have a medium reading. 


March 22nd, 2018

Amber is such a soft soul and a pleasure to be around. I was given the opportunity to have a reading with her and received some much needed guidance. Before our reading I asked my father to come through and that he did. She helped me with some spiritual questions regarding my own journey and gave me ease in a time where I need more clarity. I also got answers to an issue I had been dealing with regarding forgiveness and she helped me to see my dilemma. I would highly recommend her and believe that she is a natural healer and a gift to this world.

Jackie N


Sacramento, CA

Recently, I had a Reiki session with Amber. Her usual healing space wasn’t available so we did the session at my house. The atmosphere was very calm and peaceful. Amber provided a blanket, made sure I was comfortable on the massage table, and had soothing music playing in the background. Amber started by saying a blessing and inviting our guides to help direct the process. During the session, she focused her energy on each of my chakras. She used a pendulum to make sure she was hitting all the correct energy blockages. What was interesting was after the session, my shoulder no longer hurt. I was able to lift items and put pressure on my arm without pain. Amber said that blockage in my shoulder was due to my heart chakra being blocked. Now, I’m on a mission to heal and release any unwanted energy from that area. Without Amber’s session, I feel I wouldn’t have even put the two pieces together. My pain would still be there and I wouldn’t know exactly what chakra to focus on. I’m glad I had this session as it has assisted me on how to move forward in my spiritual journey. Thank you, Amber!

Amanda L.


Sacramento, CA

I was interested in attending the New Earth Expo, to get readings done by different mediums, but the dates didn’t work for me. I looked at their presenters and found Amber Choisella.  Looking through her website, I knew she would be a good match for me.  She responded to my inquiry timely and we scheduled an appointment for the next day.  During the reading we discussed chakras, past life contracts, and life lessons.  She was very knowledgeable about the topics.  While talking with Amber, I was comfortable because she was super friendly, down to Earth, and easy to talk to.   While the entire reading was accurate, she brought up several topics that were spot on.  She knew the name of my guide, an activity which I like to volunteer, and in using an example she used a name that I was thinking of in my own mind.  I went into the reading without giving her any hints and she pulled out information that was so accurate.  After the reading, I walked away knowing Amber is the real-deal!  I will definitely go to Ms. Choisella for future sessions. 

Amanda L.

Sacramento, CA 1/2/18

Amber is an extraordinary person, she does not only provide insightful readings with accurate information but she also seeks to help. Along with the reading, she counsels, giving genuine advice where necessary. She is a nice person with a kind heart, truly blessed and I’m pleased to have worked with her.


Kingston, Jamaica 12/11/16

“Amber is super friendly, personable and down to earth. We did the session through email, which is the first time I’ve ever tried that method and she still managed to make me feel comfortable asking questions and bringing up concerns I wanted addressed. It was very easy to communicate with her. I would highly recommend Amber and have done so to a few friends and family already!”
S.Sun 11/13/16
Wow Amber! You really have opened my eyes and spiritually from your reading you did for me. Everything you have said in my reading is pretty accurate and I’m so thankful for that. I never did have faith, believed readings were true, but you and my sister have really made me think different about the look out of readings. It’s calming and feels good to know what you can looks out for in the near future or present. You are blessed being able to do readings and mediate for others. Thank you so much for this opportunity, absolutely loved it. 
J. Patel 10/6/16
Sacramento, CA
 I have absolutely no words to describe how I feel right now! I cannot thank you enough for this reading it has given me more confidence in myself and I definitely never thought your reading would be a lie or fake. The Raj you heard is the name of my brother and yes you’re one of the first people to ever pronounce my name correctly (thank you for that!) I cannot thank you enough for this reading. I am astonished by how accurate and realistic this reading is! I am really speechless and very thankful to you. May god bless you and give you endless amounts of happiness! 
Thank you very much!
M. Singh
Fairview, VA
Oh my god! I can’t think of any words to describe how I’m feeling right now. Thank you so much for doing this. I feel like I can really understand what my spirits are trying to get by, and it was only because of you. Honestly, I really needed to know that there was someone there, to reassure my reason for living.
A. Ali 9/27/16
Fairview, Virginia