Channeling Session with TruthCodex

September 1st, 2016

I know some of you will read this and automatically write me off as “crazy” or naive, but the ones who understand will know this as my truth.

I met Adam through another one of my following bloggers  and with whom I correspond with frequently. I believe we come across paths with others for learning purposes, fulfilling karma, and sharing opportunities. You never know the reasons why we meet the people we meet but if everything happens for a reason, each individual comes to us for a reason.

For those who have been reading my recent posts and for those who have not, I’ve recently just lost the greatest love of my life, my Grandmother. I’ve always had a deeper connection with her and three weeks before she transitioned, I asked her if she would come visit me once she was in spirit, not really knowing that 2 weeks later she would be

Life has been rough…. really challenging with the losses and changes I’ve experienced in just a 3 month span; yet nothing is ever without value, right?

So I had known that Adam schedules  FREE channeling sessions with guides and angels but I never felt the need to reach out for a session until my Grandmother made her transition. Channeling for those who do not know this term, is a process done with a channeler/medium who allows their Spiritual guides and angels to speak through them. When this happens the channeler/medium goes into a deep trance and does not have any recollection on what was said during the channeling session. Hopefully you’re following along with what I’m saying if you aren’t already aware of this term.

I correspond with Adam throughout following each others blogs. I reached out to Adam and we scheduled  a Skype session so that we can see and formally meet one another, but I forgot my earphones since I was using my phone for the video conference, so instead he called me. I’ve seen channeling and how it works before since I am a Spiritualist I have seen this phenomenon before. His own voice changed and his wording was different, of a wiser tone. The Spirit Guides communicating through him did not tell me anything I did not already know or predict my future, rather they reaffirmed that everything is as it should be. Especially in terms of grieving.

“Compression, not depression”, is what was said to be my current spiritual state. Grieving is needed, it’s a way to handle and work through transitional moments in life. In sharing my story I hope to help others who will find themselves within my same shoes. As for my grandmother, I received affirmations on what I have been receiving from her and because I was always open with my experiences with her, it’s no wonder that she’ll be one of my many guides in my own spiritual development.

If interested please go check out Adam, read more into what he does and who he is. I found him to be honest, genuine, and very relatable. I’m always elated to meet other like-minded individuals or those who can understand The Free Spirited. 🙂


Found picture online

The Manzanita Tree

Just like anything else change is constant, brother to time.

Didn’t realize how ready I was before I finally claimed mine

Transition of the Manzanita

Law of attraction, matter less than mind

Evolving as the Manzanita does, my roots continously search for fertile grounds and yet I rise.