Number 43

Synchronicity is something that is HUGE for me because it brings so much meaning within my spiritual understanding of coincidences. My great friends from The Tree of Awakening gives credit to the great psychotherapist and psychologist Carl Jung for the definition of synchronicity;

Carl Jung who originally used the term synchronicity in his 1952 essay, “Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principal”, to describe chance happenings between unconnected people or events.

With that said, I’ve been seeing the number 43 for about a year now, even more so than ever before. I see it everywhere, when I look out the window when I’m driving, it’ll be on license plates, gas prices, clocks, phone times, songs, books, EVERYWHERE! I’m always intrigued because I know the Universe and Spirit is communicating with me. Something is in the works of beginning reality.

Last year I wrote a letter to the Universe describing exactly what I wanted and needed in a male partner. I made a list of I think 10 or 13 characteristics, placed it in my purse and forgot about it. About 30 days later I met the man who grew into being the love of my life. I can’t give all of my credit to an Infinite Source because I had to place myself within a space that I could focus on myself and let go of past transgressions and attract what I really needed in a partner. He was all but one of my characteristics; it was around that time I started being cognizant of the number 43.

Lately, I’ve been working on manifesting supplemental income with pet sitting since my love, Mamas, transitioned. I realized that bringing other pets into my life by taking care of them for a short amount of time could help heal my aching heart and supply monetary value. As of yesterday I finally landed my first client, Harlow, which I will write a separate post about because of her complexities and sensitivities. I’ve officially started pet sitting!

Lastly, I’m been focusing on my mediumship and spiritual development so that I can use my abilities for spiritual counseling. I came across the podcast, The Big Seance Podcast that had an episode featuring UK medium ,Claire Broad. I resonated with her so much that I had to reach out to her and tell her my story. She responded and thanked me for reaching out to her because I gave her the encouragement and confirmation that she is living her life’s mission, which is how she made me feel. This past Sunday I gave a spirit greeting in church to a woman I never met. The message I received from Spirit had something to do with a dog and the beach. After service we spoke and she confirmed that what I had brought her was a significance in her life. It was beyond exciting!!!!! Not to mention the almost daily conversations I have with one of my many kindred soul’s and fellow blogger Molly, and the fact that we’re so connected, EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!!! 

I’m not sure what is getting ready to occur but I recognize it, appreciate it, and most importantly believe only greatness will happen!

Number 43

Breakin of the Chain: Dismounting the Ego

Hey guys sorry it’s been a while since my last post I’ve been dealing with issues that I’m now ready to talk about…..

“The ego is not master in its own house.”

“The poor ego has a still harder time of it; it has to serve three harsh masters, and it has to do its best to reconcile the claims and demands of all three…The three tyrants are the external world, the superego, and the id.”

“Where id is, there shall ego be.”

Sigmund Freud


Yep, the EGO itself is a tough one to break through. It’s the mind outward identity….look this is who I want the world to acknowledge me as, identity. This could be consisted of multiple things but mine ultimately lies within my image. To be more specific, my physical image.

Above there is a picture of my name necklace. It spells out in gold, A. Choisella, A for Amber and then my middle name, which is my favorite name because of it’s uniqueness… anyhow…. I’m been struggling with finding an image that world will recognize and accept me by, yet beauty is the only trait I’ve known. I’ve always been known and referred to as “the pretty girl” and yeah it sounds nice and all but after 27 years of hearing it all the time, I’ve always wondered the genuinity of the word. I don’t want to be known by my physicalities but rather my true and inner beauty, you know by what the stars are made from….

I always listen to Spirit and I have learned when its Spirit and when its Ego speaking to me. The breaking of my necklace was a clear indicator that I am being advised to move away from the Ego. The first time the chain broke was January 24th, this yearj two days before my birthday. I went and got it fixed, feeling like it was a necessity to have, yet now since it’s happened again, maybe it’s time to not get it fix  and put it away for a while as I continue working on my Ego. Spirit speaks and I listen. Listening to your higher self or from Spirit will never lead you wrong.