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Hello Blossoming Soul,

If you are not aware I’ve been doing live group readings on my Instagram page and also in my Facebook Group, Spiritual Transformation Community . If you would like to check me out before scheduling a session with me these two places are great to participate in! The FB group is closed to the public; however, if you would like to join all you need to do is answer the questions listed and wha-la you’ll be in!


Also, if you’re in the Sacramento area and would like to be involved in my first group reading event you can purchase your ticket here. Tickets are only $20. The event is on March 30th, 2019. Address and time can be found on the attached flyer. 


Hope to see you in one of my group readings whether it be virtually or in person! 



Acceptance could be such a kick in the ass sometimes….

Acceptance my friends can be the hardest thing to achieve.

I mean look at it this way, things we can’t control, how easy it that to accept? Horrible things that happen to us and the world around us and we’re just suppose to accept it? Yep, it’s the first step to growing and moving forward with your life.

I’m not gonna lie, acceptance for me is challenging especially when I’m struggling with something specifically. Right now it’s difficult for me to accept the fact that I agreed to move and now live in an area where it snows, temperatures drop below freezing, and sometimes the power goes out. Acclimating to this environment is HARD some moments throughout the day are easier than others just like my experience today. This morning my truck completely stopped running while I was on the freeway. Normally this would have skyrocketed my anxiety but I came to accept the situation immediately and stayed calm. I was astonished by this odd behavior that but I rode with it. I waited for an hour for a tow truck to pick me up after being told it would only be 30 minutes before a truck would come and save me. I didn’t even get irritated when I called for an ETA, AMAZING. CHP (California Highway Patrol) and Caltrans (state agency for transportation) both stopped by to check on how I was doing, what was wrong, and if i needed help. I forgot that my license has expired and I’m waiting for a new one in the mail to arrive…. oops. After I told the officer that I am a counselor and that I was heading down to juvenile hall to meet with the kids there, he forgot about asking me for important stuff like my license, registration, and proof of insurance, but hey I wasn’t there to remind him either.

In that particular moment I was living presently in acceptance and that was definitely a noticeable point of growth.

When we learn to accept and let go of control that’s when we are able to be present in Universal Consciousness.

Acceptance is one in the same with forgiveness, in the same token that we forgive others not for them but for our own healing to take place. Acceptance doesn’t take away from our pain but it does move us into the direction of transformation and healing.

May this be the message you needed to hear.

Am I Schizophrenic or am I Clairaudient?

A couple of weeks ago a woman reached out to me. She remembered me from a spiritual forum community that I once was a part of years ago and wanted to talk to me about the experiences that she was enduring. I was happy to talk to her and anyone else who  wants to talk to me about their spiritual phenomena because let’s face it, this shit can be terrifying if you don’t understand what is going on. She went on to tell me that she was afraid that she might actually be schizophrenic. I informed her that I am a psychotherapist with a Master’s of Science in Mental Health Counseling. I have the scope to determine whether or not she was experience psychosis or psychic phenomena. She shared with me that she had heard a voice tell her that a named individual was getting ready to walk around the corner towards her and seconds later this exact individual came walking around the corner, among other experiences.

Symptoms of schizophrenia include and are not limited to hearing voices both internally and externally. These voices torment the afflicted and only has negative and irrational things to say. Nothing positive or prophetic is given through schizophrenia. This is not what this woman was experiencing.

If you experience any of these following traits you are most likely experiencing clairaudience:

  • You hear your name being called when you’re the only person in the room.
  • You have heard talking, faintly, but aren’t able to fully hear what is being said where you are alone.
  • You hear sounds throughout your home.
  • You hear buzzing or ringing sounds in your ears for no reason and you don’t have any medical issues such as tinnitus or a current ear infection.
  • You hear voices in your mind that are encouraging, rational, or are given information that comes true.
  • You hear voices audibly that are encouraging, rational, or are given information that comes true.
  • You are known for giving advice to others and when you’re done it’s like you’ve channeled the message
  • You often find that you talk to yourself, out loud, don’t worry it’s not that weird. You’re unconsciously talking to your Spirit Guides, angels, and/or loved ones.

If you’re interested in learning more about this psychic trait, my Spiritual Development Program may be a great fit for you!


Spiritual Development Program 

I offer a 10 week program that teaches about energy, the different psychic gifts of the “clairs” which include meditation (guided and scripted), and exercises to name a few. Clairaudience is taught in the 4th week of the program! If you would like to know more information about the program please feel free to reach out to me or write a comment below! Visit my Services to read more information about this program and other services that I offer.

Why I Still Get Psychic Readings…Sometimes

I don’t often get psychic readings but when I do I need to go to someone who I truly trust. Someone I know won’t bullshit me, perhaps someone I”ll be able to work with in the future, a true partnership. Anyways, this “sometimes” event happened this week after I had another dream about someone I experienced love with from my past. This hasn’t been the first dream that I’ve had about this specific person and I was finally ready for soul answers.

Seven years ago I met a young man who changed my life for the best and hurt me the deepest. I experienced intimacy at the age of 23 and endured a devastating heartbreak the following year, both by the same soul. During my time spent with this man he told me that he could never be the man I needed which I never understand. In the end he told me by via Facebook messenger that he had a girlfriend and could no longer talk to me. It was the most hurtful thing anyone you loved could do to you or so it felt like. It was the deepest wound I had ever been afflicted with. After that I never spoke to him or saw him again and now years later I’m still dreaming about him so what the hell is going on, especially since I’m in an amazing and healthy relationship.

In my latest dream he was present although he looked different I knew it was him. We were in a neighborhood where we spent time together. One day I was being assaulted with a man who brandished a gun and I cried out for Him by name. He saw me, made eye contact, and then looked away which was devastating. The next day I reached out to my dear psychic friend to help me discern my dreams. It’s going on 7 years since I met him and 6 years that I haven’t had any involvement with him, I needed soul answers.

My friend and I connected and the following is what he shared with me. First, I’m dreaming about him because it was a time in my life where I first came into my feminine power! Whenever I subconsciously forget my power he’ll come in and remind me; although on the other hand, in my dream when he chose not to help me in my conflict it is because in reality he had difficulty feeling equal to me. My friend asked me if that made sense and it did completely. This young man would always tell me that I was settling for him, I was truly a beautiful person, and that he could never give me the love that I deserved. I never understood what he meant by that, until my friend informed me that the young man that I loved felt inferior to me and with the previous statements he was telling me how he did not feel equal to me. He loved me but his ego would never allow him to be in a strong lasting relationship with me. Which would explain A LOT. Next he explained where my chiron (astrological chart concept) was in my chart. Before I state where it is I want to provide an overview of what a chiron is to my understanding. It is a past-life wound that carries karma which needs to be healed in this lifetime. My chiron was in the house of Cancer, and this young man was born in the astrological sign of Cancer. When he decided to break our relationship via Facebook Messenger one day in April 6 years ago it broke me in a way that I have never been hurt. It traumatized me actually. It was during this time that I began my own spiritual journey. I’ve ruminated  with possible reasons as to why he would hurt me so deeply and now I know.


Sometimes I need to go outside of myself for help. Sometimes I need to ask someone else if for anything other than for validation and that’s okay. Psychic and mediums are spiritual advisors and communicators that are able to use tools and their spiritual gifts to bring forth information that we need. Even in the clinical world of counseling, therapists consult with one another and other professionals if need be for help with their clients. I’m not afraid to reach out for help in any area of my existence and you should not either.


♥Amber Choisella

Why I’m Moving Away from Using Oracle Cards

First let me say this, using tools of any kind to assist in spirit communication or to receive information is not to be seen as a crutch. Tools such as tarot and oracle cards, runes, pendulums, and crystals are GREAT for developing rapport with your guides when you begin to work with Spirit; however, just recently I’m not feeling as connected with my oracle cards as I once was during my readings. I love the deck by Rebecca Campbell, Work Your Light Oracle Cards, which is shown in the featured image, but once I place my cards aside during  a reading, I’m able to receive more information than I had by just using the cards and that’s exciting! The more you practice the more you grow! This is still my favorite oracle deck and I’ll bring it along for readings just in case a client requests for visuals because that happens sometimes. I remember when I was so nervous to use cards and now I’m moving away from them. Growth never ends.

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Introducing the Spiritual Development Program

The Spiritual Development Program has arrived!
Hey my name is Amber Choisella and I’m a psychic medium and spiritual development mentor who helps souls beginning to experience spiritual phenomena develop their intuitive gifts and embody their power! 👋🏾❤
This program is for the soul who is looking to develop their intuitive gifts and embody their power!
The program consists of the following:
-education surrounding psychic traits and mediumship
-practice psychic and/or mediumship traits to build confidence and power
-explore different tools to support you as you develop
-provide counseling pertaining to understanding experiences and/or phenomena so that you can gain insight and understanding
-12 weekly hour calls
Why enroll in this program?
By the end of our time together you will gain clarity and insight into how to navigate through spiritual experiences, build self-confidence, and recognize your true power, as a creation of the Universe. You hold so much Universal power! Now’s your time to Blossom and Rise!

Offering LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT for Metaphysical Intake Counseling Session.

Metaphysical Counseling could be a great form of service for you if you can answer to Yes to any of the following:
1. You are experiencing energetic blockages that are preventing you from manifesting positivity and/or moving forward.
2. You are looking to grow spiritually but need goals to get you moving.
3. You’ve tried traditional counseling and didn’t feel as though you were able to go deep enough for any change to occur.
4. You suffer from anxiety and need help with grounding.
5. You are experiencing spiritual phenomena and need help processing.
6. You need help with dream interpretation.
These are 6 out of many reasons that one can seek out metaphysical/spiritual counseling. This form of counseling is different from traditional counseling because it includes, guided meditations, prayers, and messages from Spirit. I only work as hard as you do. This is a collaborative service. I believe in your will to recover, overcome, and excel!
Send me a message if you are interested in scheduling a session! Virtual session can offer in person only in Placerville, California.

With Love,

Amber Choisella

How to Check Your Feelings Versus Someone Else’s: 3 Signs You’re an Empath

Empathy, is a word that basically means you feel what she, he, or they feel. This could mean emotionally or quite literally. I’m a twin and growing up I would know when and if something was wrong with my twin sister. Okay quick story to illustrate this point, I promise it’ll be quick and then I’ll go directly into different signs which indicator that you too are an empath too!!!

We (sister and I ) were maybe around 5 years of age or 4, when I had my first memory of an empathetic episode. I was inside of the house with my Grandmother when I started crying. I was crying because my big toe hurt, on my right foot, but when I looked down nothing was wrong. My Grandmother quickly ran to me to see what was wrong when all of a sudden we heard my sister crying outside. She was riding her tricycle outside with or Grandfather when she had gotten her toe stuck in the chain ring, the middle part of a bike. I think that’s what’s it called, but yeah and as soon as she started crying I ran outside to comfort her. That’s when my pain stopped. As you can see I literally pick up symptoms of physical ailments from other people outside of my twin sister. I can also pick up on emotions as well…. let’s see what other signs classify within empathy:

  1. You can walk into a room and know exactly what happened moments or possibly years before.
  2. Your mood will change randomly from stable to mad, depressed, or anxious for no logical reason.
  3.  All of a sudden you’ll development physical symptoms but when you go to the dr all your tests come back normal. Your symptoms continue until you find out who has the exact symptoms as you.

How to check yourself to figure out if this is coming from you or from someone else… super easy just take a moment and ask your higher self, is this me or someone else? You’ll feel the answer. Once you receive the answer then ask release the energy because it is not for you to keep. The best way to prevent these “attacks” is to GROUND  and PROTECT your energetic space DAILY.

If you say yes to any of these, surprise you’re an Empath, but we all are to one extent or another, since we are all Spiritual beings having a human experience!


Amber Choisella

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How Does Energy Feel to a Psychic Medium?

If you ever wondered what energy feels like for a psychic medium then you’re in luck because I discuss it below in my video! Ever if you aren’t highly gifted in clairsentience you too have the ability to sense/feel energy because you’re a spirit which is made out of energy, currently existing in a human form! I randomly talk about my thoughts on sleep paralysis as well, guess it was meant to discuss hahaha. I do a 3 card reading with my Work Your Light oracle deck in the video but because of the current retrograde (Mercury) I experienced a lot of technology issues and I was only able to do a two card reading which is just as good! Thank you for viewing. I honor you.

P.S. don’t mind my funny looking face 🙂


Amber Choisella