Confidence over Evvrythang!

This weekend has been such an eye opening experience! I’m so excited to tell you about it! 

Saturday morning started off disappointing because I came totally unprepared. The venue was located at a farm out in the country. It was a relaxing and comforting atmosphere. I had no idea I was expected to bring my own supplies; hence table, chairs, and even something visual to explain who I am, what I do, and for how much… you know marketing. The organizer was the landowner and she reassured me that I was okay and would front me at least two chairs to help get me started. There was another intuitive reader who became very instrumental to me this weekend. Despite the fact that I came unprepared I still attracted folks, which was completely more than I expected. I had no set price and serviced on donation only. It worked!  The surprise I received was when my church secretary showed up in support for me, because I never told her when the event would be. That was more than a sign that I was on the right path! 

Day two,today, I followed the advice of the other intuitive reader and worked another psychic fair. I almost allowed my insecurity and uncertainty to get the best of me but I’m glad I fought against it and stayed. My first reader was my mentor! I forgot to tell her I was working the event but she showed up and surprised me, after that people came lining up wanting a reading from me. The last reading I did was the most meaningful… counseling a fellow intuitive, assisting her to find her path within this realm. I’m on my way! 

Amber Choisella💖💖💖

Working Independently at my first Psychic Fair… tomorrow!!!

I am so excited to be attending and servicing my first Psychic Fair this weekend! For so long I have doubted myself in context of my spiritual abilities and being effective in servicing others…. I AM DONE WITH DOUBTING MYSELF. When we doubt ourselves we stop what God Consciousness, Spirit, and the Universe has in store for us! That’s a constant reminder I have to always think about as well!

If you are interested in a free intuitive reading which is from Spirit through me, check out my post Alright, let’s give this a GO!!!! or just click on the upper right corner of my page entitled Schedule A Service.

Love and blessings always,

Amber Choisella