Faux Locs & Mediumship

I needed a change so I decided to do the style of faux dreads/ locs. It took me 8 hrs after an 8 day at work and I LOVE it minus the new experienced heaviness on my head and neck. It’s the look of total freedom without the total commitment to change, at least on the physical level.



I’ve been practicin, I’ve been practicin to let go of my logic and allow Spirit in. It takes time and patience has ever been my virtue but as I’m learning, time is everything and everything has its own time. I was in church yesterday and I had come in late so I sat in the back not wanting to directly disrupt service. I sat down and did a quick mediation to ground myself and to invite my guides in to help with delivering messages. I suddenly started feeling a throbbing on the left side of my head. I suffer from migraines but they are always on my right side so I knew immediately I was picking up energy from somewhere/ someone else I just needed to find out from whom. I focused and allowed myself to let Spirit in. Not too long after this my Reverend asked if I had received anything and it was my time to let Spirit work.

She sat in the front row, wearing all black, with a pixie style haircut, and she wore a turquoise crystal around her neck. I asked her name and then asked if she experienced migraines, she said no, and then I knew…. I asked if she saw auras (a common side effect of migraines) and if she saw Spirit. She readily admitted that she had seen Spirit, all of her life actually but had not ever received training or development on it. Spirit informed me to tell her to begin her spiritual journey so that she too can aid others. It was an amazing experience to say the very least. It’s astonishing to see what can happen when you stand out from your own restrictions and allow Spirit to work!

Hearing the Voice

It’s been a long time since I’ve last heard my name being called out to me. It startles me for sure but it never scares me…. it happened again today. I was on lunch on a short walk due to the heat and I hear a masculine voice call out my name as though his hands were circled around his mouth, “AMMMMBBEERR”. I stopped and turned around thinking it was a friend/co-worker messing with me but when I turned around no one was there. I heard it again and then again for a third time. I knew then that it was Spirit but I don’t know who it was. It was not a voice I’ve ever heard  before, perhaps it’s a new guide, or a guide I’ve already had but have not been acquainted with yet. Some may read this and think I’m short a few screws or that I may be lying, but I’m learning to walk within my own truth. Those who understand will know and others will scrutinize and judge. That’s ok, we all have our moments of truth.. This is my truth…. My soul discovering journey, my development in becoming an intuitive counselor.

Amber Choisella♥

What Makes Her So Pretty?

Is the girl that barely wears any clothes or only takes back shots your definition of pretty? Or is it that girl who wears a lot of makeup and a lot of weaves who takes a million selfies and rephrases rapper’s lyrics in her captions as she reaches for an audience? What about the girls who broadcasts plastic surgery as a way to enter into society to gain attention or self-esteem?

Women transition often, our appearance is always changing due to what’s fashionable or who wore it best, but what about true beauty, is that even relevant anymore?

I’m the woman who sits in a cafe with a hoodie, curly fro, flowy pants, and mascara with possible eyeliner. I feel invisible to the world around me and right now I prefer the isolation. I just watch, and look, and see everyone and thing around me, nothing is off limits.

Ever since I can remember I’ve always been complimented or praised based on my outer appearance, but I’ve always wondered if it was ever genuine or a moment to pretend I’m actually the “pretty” girl everyone said I was. I don’t care really anymore, as long as I look presentable, at least in my mind’s eye. Beauty is essence, beauty is subjective, and deeper than the world’s preconceptions of the Nefertiti’s and Cleopatra’s of today.


Answer me this, what makes her so pretty anyways?