4 Ways Spiritual Development Can Combat Against Anxiety

It wasn’t until I was 26 years old and in graduate school until I learned that I have been struggling with anxiety for the majority of my life. For some reason I thought anxiety was someone hyperventilating in a brown paper bag which was really ignorant for me to believe. I was enrolled in Mental Health Counseling and I was reviewing the different diagnoses that fall within the anxiety spectrum of disorders which I came face to face with my life changing epiphany…. I’m an anxious woman.

What does an anxious woman look like?

Here’s a plot twist… I saw my first discarnate Spirit at the age of 6 meaning that I am a medium. I have the ability to communicate with former living beings. I don’t like the word ghosts, Spirit, to be correct. It’s terrifying to hear unintelligible voices while laying down in bed alone and it’s literally nerve racking every time I saw Spirit because I never knew when another experience would happen. Looking back I now notice the signs of my anxiety related to my observance of the paranormal:

1. Fast heartbeat

Whenever I would feel a message from Spirit coming through or had a “feeling” about  something it would bring me high anxiety, so high that all I could do was cry because I didn’t know what happening to me. Not having someone to talk to about your symptoms of anxiety seems to intensifies it.

2. Constantly worried about future events

“What if’s” are the perfect example to illustrate this symptom.  The occurrence of “what if’s” a major concern of people who struggle with anxiety. The issue with this is that when we’re focused on the what if’s we’re missing from the present because we’re too busy focused on the future.

3. Never wanting to sleep with the door open

My nightly worries were focused on whether or not I would hear or see something during the night. I would always feel something looking at me from the doorway every time my bedroom door stayed open at night. Even to this day I prefer to sleep with my door shut. Rumination, the act of constantly thinking of something will keep someone up throughout the night.


Let’s get to the 4 ways that spiritual development can help you to combat your anxiety:


1. You a psychic, medium, or both.

If you’re like me then experiencing spiritual phenomena such as hearing voices (nothing confirming you have super human powers or that you are a God, if so I suggest you seek help immediately), seeing things out of the corner of your eyes or literally right in front of you, sensing energy and other people’s emotions, or dreaming about events that come true or being visited by loved ones in Spirit while you sleep. That shit can be pretty nerve-racking if you don’t understand what’s happening and you have no one to talk to about it. It can feel like you are literally going crazy in the cabeza….. you’re not. You just need help understanding your environment and how to gain control of it.


2. You’re an empath.

When I was younger I worked at this shit job which made the situation even worse to endure, anyways, I thought for sure I had developed a bladder infection. I was urinating frequently which is a tell tale symptom of a bladder infection so I went to the doctor to get checked out and to get antibiotics. I was confused when all of my tests came back negative, I didn’t have a bladder infection. I couldn’t understand it because I definitely had the symptoms. Having to pee every 10 minutes is not normal, right…? So not long after my appointment I went to the bathroom and one of my co-worker joined me at the sink. She told me that she had a bladder infection that turned into a kidney infection and she  was telling me how much pain she was in. Immediately after hearing this all of my symptoms stopped. Just like that, abracadabra I was healed. This is a classic example of being an empath and taking in energy from others. Ever wonder why you always get anxious when you get around a certain individual or you feel the tension of a room where an argument just took place, well it’s because you have the ability of clairsentience, the ability to clearly feel energy.

3. Learning how to meditate and ground.

Often times when we feel anxiety it’s because one, you’re not in the present and are too focused on the future and second, you’re unbalanced. I am guilty of this as well, which is why I’m writing about anxiety and spirituality, this can be conquered! I digress…. two weeks ago  I was suffering from symptoms of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) and my anxiety was on 100 for over a week. I spoke to a friend of mine at work and she asked if I wanted to go on a walk outside. We found a sunny patch of grass where she suggested that we take our socks and shoes off and plant our feet on the ground. Yo, no lie, immediately as my feet touched the ground I felt all of my anxiety draw away from me. I felt my energy straightening out and I became calm. All I needed to do was reconnect with nature, whaddya know.

4. Use protection stones.

Crystals are elements of the Earth that assist in energy healing and balancing. I know a lot of folks who prefer to carry stones in their pockets or around the necks to help protect and balance their energy, so what could it not work for anxiety too, it can! Crystals are not my specific forte so I found a great article here that you can read to familiarize yourself with crystals that directly treat anxiety. I personally like to carry Black Tourmaline to help me ease the anxs.


Well there you go, I reviewed a few symptoms of anxiety along with 4 ways to use spiritual development to help you exacerbate it.

If you would like more information about how to develop spiritually, I have created a program specifically directed towards understanding your innate spiritual gifts that naturally tend to cause anxiety. Click on the picture and check it out below!

Spiritual Development Program Flyer



Psychometry: The 3 Things You Need to Know as You Develop Spiritually

If you are looking to develop your own innate spiritual gifts, the first step I suggest that you do is to join a development group, this is where you will practice the phenomenon of psychometry. This awesome spiritualistic activity helps you narrow into which clair you’re most incline to develop, really which of the clair’s are you strongest in. Just to remind you of the major clair’s which means “clear” are as followed:

  • clairvoyant (clear-seeing),
  • clairaudient (clear-hearing),
  • clairsentient (clear-feeling)
  • claircognizant (clear-knowing),
  • clairalienct (clear-smelling), and
  • clairgustance (clear-tasting)

So how does psychometry come into play you might be asking yourself? Well….. imagine you’re sitting in a circle with other people which whom you’ve just met. The leader of the group asked everyone who entered the circle prior to introductions to place something from their pockets, wallet, or purses into a small basket. After introductions are completed the leader then passes around the same basket and asks for each person to blindly reach in and pick up something and without looking at it, describe what you are receiving from the object that you have chosen. You have chosen what feels like a keychain but what else are you sensing from the keychain? Are you seeing, feeling (physically/emotionally), or hearing something that you feel is connected to this object? Now before you disclose what you received to the group remember these 3 important things:

  1.  ACCEPT what you have initially received
  2.  BELIEVE this is accurate information
  3. CONFIDENT, be this, that’s how you find your truth

My Recent Experience with Psychometry

Last Saturday I attended a mediumship development group. I’m always the youngest member yet I’m always eager to meet new people and see if we’re on the same vibrational wave, and we were!!! When it was time for the psychometry activity I reached inside of a small basket with my eyes closed and picked up what felt like a ring. This is exactly what I received immediately upon picking up the ring:

Margie, Marjoire, or Margaret, this feels like a grandmotherly or motherly vibration, definitely of feminine energy, wedding, and the numbers 54 or 44 which I thought signified a year or date.

After I provided this exact information the leader of the group looked at me with a stoic face and simply said, “Interesting”, before moving to the next person beside me. Once it was time for the the leader to disclose the true information about the origins of the ring this is what they said:

My Spiritual name is Marguerreta, no one else knows that. The ring is what I brought for myself after my husband died to replace my wedding ring, and I bought it when I was 44 years old.

She then asked me how I receive my information and I had to think about it because I never had before. I accessed this information through my claircognizant, I just knew it and I ACCEPTED, BELIEVED, and COMMITTED to the information that I received and I was right on!

Practice makes perfect my friend, and with more practice you too will come into developing your innate spiritual power!


Amber Choisella



Inner Garden Meditation

I want you to close your eyes and relax. Take a deep breath in. Feel your stomach fill with air like a giant balloon and then slowly it out. Take 3 deep breaths feeling yourself relax more and more with each breathe. On your last breath feel yourself completely relaxed and at ease with your entire self. To ensure complete relaxation I want you to place your focus on the bottom of your feet and image either a warm or cooling sensation, which ever one fits to your liking. Now feel this sensation travel up your thighs, knee, hips, now up to your stomach, chest, then both arms. Now see your hands glow with the warm or cool sensation you have chosen for yourself. Now feel the sensation go up your upper chest, shoulders, throat, to the top of your head. Feel your entire body glowing. You are now protected and completely relaxed.


You are now walking across a wooden white bridge. You are now standing in front of a beautiful garden. You walk into the garden where you see a bright light focusing in a specific area of the garden. What does that look like? What does it feel like? Look around the garden what do you see? Take a moment and look around. You now notice that the bright light is now surrounding you. Within this light you have transformed to be a part of the garden. What is different? Does the garden look different now? Take a moment and look at the garden from the perspective of a flower in the garden, you are a flower now. What do you look like? What color are your petals, do you have any weeds near or surrounding you? How moist is the soil you’re growing on?


You now hear a bell ring in the distance and you are back in the garden and the bright light is no longer surrounding you. You are standing in the middle of the garden and it is time to return back to the here and now. You are now walking across the bridge. You can now feel your seat. Wiggle your toes and when you are ready open your eyes.

Amber Choisella



How to Check Your Feelings Versus Someone Else’s: 3 Signs You’re an Empath

Empathy, is a word that basically means you feel what she, he, or they feel. This could mean emotionally or quite literally. I’m a twin and growing up I would know when and if something was wrong with my twin sister. Okay quick story to illustrate this point, I promise it’ll be quick and then I’ll go directly into different signs which indicator that you too are an empath too!!!

We (sister and I ) were maybe around 5 years of age or 4, when I had my first memory of an empathetic episode. I was inside of the house with my Grandmother when I started crying. I was crying because my big toe hurt, on my right foot, but when I looked down nothing was wrong. My Grandmother quickly ran to me to see what was wrong when all of a sudden we heard my sister crying outside. She was riding her tricycle outside with or Grandfather when she had gotten her toe stuck in the chain ring, the middle part of a bike. I think that’s what’s it called, but yeah and as soon as she started crying I ran outside to comfort her. That’s when my pain stopped. As you can see I literally pick up symptoms of physical ailments from other people outside of my twin sister. I can also pick up on emotions as well…. let’s see what other signs classify within empathy:

  1. You can walk into a room and know exactly what happened moments or possibly years before.
  2. Your mood will change randomly from stable to mad, depressed, or anxious for no logical reason.
  3.  All of a sudden you’ll development physical symptoms but when you go to the dr all your tests come back normal. Your symptoms continue until you find out who has the exact symptoms as you.

How to check yourself to figure out if this is coming from you or from someone else… super easy just take a moment and ask your higher self, is this me or someone else? You’ll feel the answer. Once you receive the answer then ask release the energy because it is not for you to keep. The best way to prevent these “attacks” is to GROUND  and PROTECT your energetic space DAILY.

If you say yes to any of these, surprise you’re an Empath, but we all are to one extent or another, since we are all Spiritual beings having a human experience!


Amber Choisella

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Don’t Claim That Shit! 3 Ways to Manifest What You Really Want!

As I’m writing this to remind you, I’m also reminding myself…. dude don’t claim that shit! If you’ve been fighting through what I call “BROKITIS”, don’t claim it. Claiming it would be you saying, “Fuck… I’m always broke, or, I can’t do anything because I”m broke”. Once you’ve said this to yourself you’ve also created a message to the Universe unintentionally saying, “Yes continue to keep things coming my way that will keep me broke”. Everyone says this and really means it because let’s face, who likes to be constantly broke? Completely rhetorical, but you get what I’m saying here.

Illness is another self-proclamation that we speak into existence that say, “I’m always sick”; therefore, you will continue to be sick. This one relates so much to me right now in my life. If you have been following my past posts about Chronic Sinusitis, you would know that I’ve been struggling with this illness for about 6 months now with one month of being symptoms free. I realized that I have a habit of saying, “I’m always sick. I need to have surgery. I’m tired of being sick”. These are all affirming statements that block any potential from healing me. So how do I, or how can you change it? Let’s get to it!

  1. Don’t saying negative shit to yourself!
  2. Stop accepting what is currently especially if it’s negative in nature.
  3. Remember that you create your reality

Once you realize these three major concepts you can start breaking down bullshit blockages and get to healing and manifesting your highest best!

You are the creator of your own reality. Now go manifest some fantastic shit!


Amber Choisella

Why Consultation is Important When Communicating with Spirit

Consultation is the topic of the day! To consult with another professional is to talk with someone else who has knowledge that would be beneficial for normally a mutual client, but what if the mutual client is a Spirit? Well then, I recommend you watch this video which will discuss this in detail!!!

Modern Spiritualism & Metaphysics, They’re Not The Same

Have you heard of Modern Spiritualism and/ or Metaphysics? If not listen to this video and grow a new groove in your brain! The more you learn the more you know! They’re not the same!

Feeling Tired? You Could Be Releasing Energy.

Whenever energy is being released from your being it can be extremely exhausting and a lot of the time we’re not even aware it’s happening. When there’s a dimensional shift the body has to acclimate to match a higher vibrational frequency and it’ll affect us on a physical level. This is what is happening now. Be easy on yourself, drink plenty of water, smudge yourself with sage and palo santo, and rest whenever possible as you move through this shift. A lot is going on in the World and our Universe, when we take care of us first, we’re more equipped to serve others.

In a state of calmness within energetic release

Amber Choisella

My Favorite Crystals and Crystal Skull

It’s 1:00am and I feel compelled to write about my favorite crystals so here I am! If you’re up at this early morning hour, it’s meant for you to think about how crystals could add/contribute to the life for your highest good. I will be overviewing six crystals but five stones. Please feel free to comment below on your own favorite crystals and why! Sharing is always caring!


Amethyst is the stone for aiding in the development of opening and working with the third eye which is also known as the 6th chakra. It can be held during meditation and if placed on the third eye one is able to feel the energy it transmits. It’s a wonderful stone to use before spirit communication to help receive information clearer. I also love its beautiful tones!

Citrine is a crystal that represents the solar plexus chakra and is generally used for developing personal power, creativity, and intelligent decisions. I selected this stone to aid in helping me with manifesting quicker honestly. When meditating I like to keep this stone in my hand or near me to help me bring in my manifestations. 

Blue Lapis Lazuli is used for enlightenment, seeking truth, and for psychic development. Wearing this stone assists in channeling your angels and Spirit. I find this stone extremely instrumental in my spiritual journey so it is also with me.

Green Aventurine is a protection stone for the fourth chakra or otherwise known as the heart chakra. This stone will protects others from tapping in or taking energy from you. I am highly sensitive so I do use to stone as a form of energetic protection (along with asking my angels and Spirit posse for protection), AND it is a stone for being in prosperity into one’s life. 

Black Tourmaline is used for protection and grounding. When I was suffering from panic attacks due to an incident that I was pre-warned psychically about, I learned about this stone and from then on I’ve been keeping it on my person. Whenever I feel like I need energetic protection I just find this stone in my crystal bag and hold it while deep breathing and visualizing a shield around me and eventually the threat will pass. 

The crystal skull that I have was given to me by my Spiritual Mentor, Sa Eeda, so it’s extra special to me. There are many different sizes of skulls but I have a tiny one, but size doesn’t matter, just its intention. Crystal skulls have been used for many centuries for shamanic practices in healing and awaken higher consciousness. I carry the skull for these such reasons. I’m always aiming to learn more so that I can share more of what I receive to you and others who are reading this article now. 

There is so much more information you can find on these crystals as well as other crystals that are not on my list. I listed spiritual reasons for why I carry these specific crystals but they do have physical healing properties as well in which I highly encourage you to research if that’s what you’re looking for, and then share what you find with me. I don’t claim to know all the mystical answers, but I will always share what I know and continue to find true to my inner core. 


Some of my crystal collection