The Shift and What To Do When It’s Happening 

I have to be honest, it’s the next best thing other than  being nice right? 

I’ve been struggling. Ask me how I’m doing and I’ll tell you I’m struggling.

Homework is difficult because my job is difficult and I feel like everything is unraveling around me. I feel like maybe I’m really not cut out for this counseling thing, until a client came to me within her deepest despair and the counseling process opened up and started to flow out of me. Afterwards the client had told me that ever since they met me they knew I would be the one that they could come and talk to, and suddenly I started seeing the light breaking through the clouds.wp-1486026405935.png

I work for a non-profit crisis residential program with people who are currently in crisis come and stay 30 days to work on a treatment plan to live a better life essentially. These people are seriously unwell. So everyday I never know what I’m going to walk in to. My first month in and I already had a client file a grievance with me and I had to talk to the state investigator about it on my birthday, it was so nerve wratching! I’m learning that I can’t take anything personal but it’s HARD. I just want to counsel people but I did need to experience this side of the field too. I’m thankful for the job, I’m just needing to bring in my spiritual care if not I’ll digress quickly…..

The Shift is  occurring within and around us and it’s effecting everything and everyone, so what do you do? I work on my spiritual health to keep me going. Due to the stress and anxiety I’ve dealing with school and work I need something that intervenes and helps my soul and it’s this, this what I’m doing right, sharing my story to someone who might care….I care, I had to let it go, all the unwanted, all the uninvited energies, I had to let them go. A sweet woman I call Auntie Judy knew of my struggles  and she asked if she could give me a spiritual healing using light language. It’s the language that only the soul can understand. Immediately I felt better. She advised me to have a black tourmaline stone with me at all times because this stone grounds me and protects my spirit from negative energies. I bought a chakra bracelet and a small bad to carry certain stones to help my aura cleanse itself and to not keep any unwanted energy, yes the stone will help with all of that! 

I also take bubble baths with blessed salt to cleanse my spirit. These techniques really do help bring me back to balance. The picture below is my small temple. I have Ganesh protecting Babe’s picture in the middle, a cookie fortune that says, well I don’t honestly know at the moment, another stone I can’t remember and a larger piece of Black Tourmaline. Inside are the many different crystals I carry on the daily for spiritual protection and ascension. Even with the darkest days spirituality is still everything to me!

Babe will always be the center of my heart.

How to Manifest Your Dreams

I’ve been working with manifestations for a long time now, we all have, yet we wouldn’t necessarily call it manifestations. Many would call it an answer to their prayers, but I encourage you to look a bit more deeper and give yourself some credit. The Law of Attraction tells us that we attract what we emit, metaphysically and spiritually speaking. Continue reading the following and you too can understand and realize how to manifest your own dreams:

What is it that you really want?

Ambiguous, right? Yeah I know, there’s so many things in life we really want to do so it can be difficult to chose just one thing but you must. Deciding what you want is the first step in manifesting your dreams because it sets a specific desire and intention. I’m writing this as I’m needing to be reminded… so what it is that I want?


Being of service to others, spiritually, metaphysically, and theoretically as a future Mental Health Counselor and Spiritual Counselor, that’s what I want. I’ve been gifted with spiritual talents so that I can be of assistance to others who are lost, hopeless, and those who just need someone to believe in them. This is my life and soul mission, so how do I get there?


I’ve taken courses in mediumship through my church’s organization, which has been a very lengthy and informative process. Spiritualists require strict coursework, guidelines, and verifiable experiences in order to become accredited within the organization as a medium who serves within the NSAC (National Spiritualist Association of Churches). I also take metaphysical courses in specializing in Metaphysical Counseling with the University of Metaphysics, not to mention my grad school coursework of Mental Health Counseling. The message here is if you decide to reach out to someone who claims they are a spiritual advisor or counselor who claims they can read your future be weary. Ask to see credentials, it’s ok.


So here I am hoping intending to meet like minded individuals who are willing to help me along my path so that I can help others on their path too.

Believe you have what you want and live the life you want. Manifest and create.

Amber Choisella


Donner Summit, California

When in doubt hike it out. Soul discovering journey…. walking my way through enlightenment.

Trailhead in Truckee
Baby Waterfall
Life and Nature
Chinese Tunnels Graffiti

Amber Choisella

Anxiety, You Won’t Annihilate Me!

Everything isn’t what it seems and darkness is never dark forever. Yet I’m not in a dark place, more so in a gray space where I’m overwhelmed, in turmoil, and being attacked, or so it seems. ANXIETY, is a bitch, mind the word choice. I found a connection with it and my spiritual growth that I’ve been impressed to share. If interested please continue reading….

I always had this mental image of what ANXIETY actually looked. Hyperventilation is what comes to mind and it’s always followed with a panic attack, right? I never realized that all this time I’ve been struggling with this and I didn’t realize it until recently. Mental health counseling was the field I decided to do my Master’s program within due to my innate passion  for the mental health community. I’ve been learning so much about my own struggles as I continue forward in my education, so much that I have notice an intertwining with my spirituality.

Change is the culprit to my grayness, and it’s never long lasting. Change is a positive because it just means there’s something around the corner, something more to discover about self. I have a hard time dealing with change to be honest, it’s HARD. Grayness filters over and it’s hard to see the outside so I resort back into my inside, similar to what depressed people do, withdraw themselves from society. I become lost within my own fears and it’s debilitating. BUT, it’s never for too long before amazing things start to happen…

Spiritually speaking, everything happens for a reason and there is no cause without effect, metaphysically speaking. So if I believe this is true, then I should expect wonderful, brilliant things to happen but I don’t. The DSM-V  states the following symptoms of an anxiety disorder:

  1. Excessive anxiety and worry (apprehensive expectation), occurring more days than not for at least 6 months, about a number of events or activities (such as work or school performance).
  2. The individual finds it difficult to control the worry.
  3. The anxiety and worry are associated with three (or more) of the following six symptoms (with at least some symptoms having been present for more days than not for the past 6 months):

    Note: Only one item is required in children.

    1. Restlessness or feeling keyed up or on edge.
    2. Being easily fatigued.
    3. Difficulty concentrating or mind going blank.
    4. Irritability.
    5. Muscle tension.
    6. Sleep disturbance (difficulty falling or staying asleep, or restless, unsatisfying sleep).
  4. The anxiety, worry, or physical symptoms cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.

I find myself within the A category only when change has occurred. I have not visited a professional to be properly diagnosed, but I know myself for 27 years, and I also know how to correct it. Simply by living in the moment.

Being present is challenging with so much in the world to stimulants us and distract us from the moment. Nature, this setting always brings me back to calmness and balance. It’s ultimately where my spirit is available to roam free. Finding what speaks to your inner being is the best form of treatment and this varies in form. If you have been clinically diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder than please do not divert from your own treatment plan, but I highly suggest you, if you haven’t already, implement a spiritual concept to interject in your everyday life and watch how your life will improve. I suggest this for all mental disorders actually! One day I hope to join both counseling concepts and theories with spiritual concepts and theories for overall wellness.

My cover picture was “accidentally” taken in my jacket pocket on a day out in nature… this picture brings me hope and purpose, most importantly it affirms that nothing is by accident. I will battle with my anxiety for probably the rest of my life and I can accept this. This does not define the woman or spirit that I am. I can only improve, learn, and share with others in hopes that they or you too can resonate with my story. If you would like to share your experiences please do!


Amber Choisella