Don’t Claim That Shit! 3 Ways to Manifest What You Really Want!

As I’m writing this to remind you, I’m also reminding myself…. dude don’t claim that shit! If you’ve been fighting through what I call “BROKITIS”, don’t claim it. Claiming it would be you saying, “Fuck… I’m always broke, or, I can’t do anything because I”m broke”. Once you’ve said this to yourself you’ve also created a message to the Universe unintentionally saying, “Yes continue to keep things coming my way that will keep me broke”. Everyone says this and really means it because let’s face, who likes to be constantly broke? Completely rhetorical, but you get what I’m saying here.

Illness is another self-proclamation that we speak into existence that say, “I’m always sick”; therefore, you will continue to be sick. This one relates so much to me right now in my life. If you have been following my past posts about Chronic Sinusitis, you would know that I’ve been struggling with this illness for about 6 months now with one month of being symptoms free. I realized that I have a habit of saying, “I’m always sick. I need to have surgery. I’m tired of being sick”. These are all affirming statements that block any potential from healing me. So how do I, or how can you change it? Let’s get to it!

  1. Don’t saying negative shit to yourself!
  2. Stop accepting what is currently especially if it’s negative in nature.
  3. Remember that you create your reality

Once you realize these three major concepts you can start breaking down bullshit blockages and get to healing and manifesting your highest best!

You are the creator of your own reality. Now go manifest some fantastic shit!


Amber Choisella

Transitioning and Manifesting, They Kinda Go Together

I actually made it through this last period of Mercury Retrograde which ended May 4th! During this transitional time I moved in with the love of my life which was a decision made prior to the Mercury Retrograde, participated in an interview that I feel will change my working environment, AND I started my counseling internship!!!! 

The move was stressful as most moves are but once I became settled in everything that was negative is now positive, with everything falling into place! I’ve been praying about the negative energy at work and send loving energy to my co-workers and the clients, in addition to perform soul communication with those who are struggling at work. It seems as though when one person struggles, they want everyone else to suffer too. Ahhh but not I, no longer! Soul communication is done when you speak directly to another person’s soul. I normally say the following, “Dear soul of_______ I love, honor, and respect you. I ask for___________. I ask that you receive in this love and light. I also have been praying for Archangel Michael to come in and protect my Spirit from picking up negative energy and psychic attacks. Each day becomes easier to endure, at work, but I am already thankful for the new position I will be accepting soon. I feel it and I know a new position is coming for me.

Lastly, I saw my first client as a counselor in training!!!! I am in the last section of my Master’s program of Mental Health Counseling and I was given a referral to a non-profit private practice and was accepted there to complete my internship and Master’s program! I love it because I’m being taught how to build and maintain a private practice which is what I want. I  ultimately  want to do spiritual counseling and this experience with the non-profit will teach me everything I need to pursue my goals of operating a private practice!

Mediate, pray, be thankful, and share love; these are the characteristics for success. Life changes for opportunities to grow, remember this always.

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How to Manifest Your Dreams

I’ve been working with manifestations for a long time now, we all have, yet we wouldn’t necessarily call it manifestations. Many would call it an answer to their prayers, but I encourage you to look a bit more deeper and give yourself some credit. The Law of Attraction tells us that we attract what we emit, metaphysically and spiritually speaking. Continue reading the following and you too can understand and realize how to manifest your own dreams:

What is it that you really want?

Ambiguous, right? Yeah I know, there’s so many things in life we really want to do so it can be difficult to chose just one thing but you must. Deciding what you want is the first step in manifesting your dreams because it sets a specific desire and intention. I’m writing this as I’m needing to be reminded… so what it is that I want?


Being of service to others, spiritually, metaphysically, and theoretically as a future Mental Health Counselor and Spiritual Counselor, that’s what I want. I’ve been gifted with spiritual talents so that I can be of assistance to others who are lost, hopeless, and those who just need someone to believe in them. This is my life and soul mission, so how do I get there?


I’ve taken courses in mediumship through my church’s organization, which has been a very lengthy and informative process. Spiritualists require strict coursework, guidelines, and verifiable experiences in order to become accredited within the organization as a medium who serves within the NSAC (National Spiritualist Association of Churches). I also take metaphysical courses in specializing in Metaphysical Counseling with the University of Metaphysics, not to mention my grad school coursework of Mental Health Counseling. The message here is if you decide to reach out to someone who claims they are a spiritual advisor or counselor who claims they can read your future be weary. Ask to see credentials, it’s ok.


So here I am hoping intending to meet like minded individuals who are willing to help me along my path so that I can help others on their path too.

Believe you have what you want and live the life you want. Manifest and create.

Amber Choisella