Lightworker Struggles

Hey everyone! I’ve been busy with grad school, looking for a new/more beneficial job, while working on my Free Spirit services. I can’t say life is boring that’s for sure. 

Recently I went on a hike, a spiritual hike with fellow lightworkers and had a profound experience. I’m too catch up in the 3D world and need to refocus my attention to my spiritual development. Now that I’m on a short break with school, I have more time focus and learn how to fully incorporate my spiritual and physical needs into one. 

I’m in the works of creating a YouTube channel about spirituality, spiritual experiences, and discuss spiritual counseling using psychothereupetic approaches. 

For my favorite bloggers I’ll be catching up with you soon! Love and light to you! 

Oakland & Cold Brew

Hilly streets, anxiety, and the yearning to be with family, that was my yesterday. Here now, I’m sitting in Starbucks waiting for my order and I can’t help but wish I was in bed, away from society, away from the expectation of being happy and all smiley and shit….

No. Instead I wish I could live within the yesterday, with my family. Mourning. I just want to be with my love and my family, that energy is everything. But here I am drinking my cold brew with coconut milk and waiting for my breakfast sandwich no cheese, to cool for my breakfast to commence.

Oh and then I remember I have an interview for my fieldwork placement beginning next year and a teleconference with my academic advisor…. As much as that should be a priority, I really wish I could say fuck it, fuck it all today…. I just wanna go back to East 23rd street, in the many many yesterday’s.

Grad School, I Thought We Were Friends


At first we had a great relationship. You began presenting new perspectives, I was always eager to make new discoveries, and I met some amazing folks because of you, yet I’m just about ready to move on from you.

Straight A’s come at a cost,  I knew that going in but I didn’t anticipate you robbing me of my sanity… spending 32-40 hrs a week for assignments yet I’m not getting paid any extra than my 8-5, yet I still call you a friend.

I’m ready to finish and graduate to work in my career, to help others,  to say,  yes I am Amber Choisella, LPCC (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor). I can’t even focus on my Metaphysical Counseling Master’s program because I’m completely and totally hopelessly devoted to you. An unrequited love.

-Rant of a tired and rundown grad student

4th Day of Cleansing Detox: Struggling to Stay “Clean”


is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

-Helen Keller

The fight is worth its reward.

I’m overwhelmed with grief, homework, fighting resisting “good food”, and this soreness, yet I push forward…

17 days remaining….