Remember Self-Care

I woke up gasping, crying out for you the other night, yet during the day I guess I forget to cry.

My therapist says it makes sense. I’m too busy throughout the day to grieve, but I’m always speaking out loud to you… 

and it’s okay to cry says the therapist and even my soul but nowadays I only cry when I dream of you while I’m learning how to adjust to a life physically without you, somehow that too seems cruel…

Things my therapist says…


Stardust and I drift away, I float away, but never away

Guided, lifted, provided, I could never leave your side.

Meditate, you feel me somewhere, within the air, I’m always there.

My essence is glowing and I wish I could stay, as much as I close my eyes,

Consciousness raising, soul ascending, spiritually building, binding

I could never leave your side.

And I’ve known you before, lifetimes before, and I loved you shining.

I love you shining, yet I drift away among the matter that created you and I.

You are efficacious, my forest within the sky.

I am in love.


Amber Choisella


Walking Through The Rain

And when everything seem to be falling down you create

arches, bridges, and roads for me to travel round, or maybe it’s through…

And when you ask me what 2 +2 is and I say me plus you, you argue with me, challenge

and disagree with me, you help me grow.

And I miss your presence, your energy, you are everything when you’re not, yet always beside me. When I lay beside you sleeping, dreaming, you escape with me, that’s how I knew you were the ONE.

Amber Choisella