The Golden Door called Opportunity

Hello Loves,

I’m back! It’s been a long time away but I am now ready to share my experiences and drop some knowledge too! I have to go back a bit so that everything will make sense so back we go to November 10th, last month. I was on a trip en route to my residency in Jacksonville, Florida when the plane made a pick up stop in Nashville, Tennessee. I was planning on sleeping the reminder of the trip as I had done up to that point but then a blonde haired older woman sat next to me and this was the beginning of it all.

Susan Double V is a retired employee from the Federal Government who was on vacation visiting a friend and was going back home to a small town in Georgia about a 1 1/2 outside of Jacksonville. Susan spoke to me the entire time about looking for a job with the Feds with my soon to acquire degree. She even gave me her contact information in case I need help and or advice along the way. She even told me what classifications to apply for. I don’t believe in coincidences so I knew she was talking to me for a reason even if I didn’t understand it at the time. In my previous post, Florida and The Face of Change  I spoke about the change I experienced while I was in Florida which is following up to the finale that occurred the Monday I got back from my residency.

At the end of the day I was called into an office with my supervisor, HR manager, and CFO and I was informed that with the current changes of the company that as of December 31st I will no longer be employed with them, I was being laid off. I immediately started crying because I was taken a back. I knew I was going through a change but I couldn’t believe it was this drastic! A few months ago I applied for an entry level position in the field of mental health and I was offered the position but I declined for two reason. The first reason depended on the schedule, which ended up being different than what I had applied for, and second the pay was less than what I was currently making. I wanted one out of the two to work in my favor so I declined. Upon receiving notice of my layoff I went online and saw the same position offered with a different more favorable schedule so I called and expressed my interest then continued contact with HR until I was offered the position which was only a week waiting time.

Turns out the position was at the same facility that I had originally interviewed for a few months ago so I did not need to re-interview. It was although the Universe was tired of waiting around for me to commit to change so it went ahead and made it happen for me. I have to admit I was distressed but I kept pushing through after all I still had the quarter to finish (I’ve just completed!) and I AM STILL EMPLOYED while my new job begins next week, I never gave up, because life wasn’t gonna give up on me. 

In order to receive my severance check I have to stay until the end of the month so I will be working two full time jobs until the 30th which means I’ll be absent from my pages (The Free Spirited Facebook page and this website). I remember doing a reading for a woman who had been laid off but her mindset was stuck in the negative and she only wanted to hear what was the next worst thing that was going to happen. You can’t stay in the negative if you want change to occur, you must stay diligent and positive in moving forward! When one door closes it’s really meant to open another ♥.   


Picture found online.

Checking In Over and Out

Gosh it’s been awhile since I’ve last posted anything… I wanted to check in with everyone! I always want to give a BIG shout out to My Dearest Molly for the love you’ve given me during my absence. I love our relationship. I won’t go into everything that has been going on in this post but I will in my next one so please keep a look out for it. I will say this though, and this has been my created personal mantra, which I leave you with:

Change is necessary for development.

-Amber Choisella

I am ok because I am loved, therefore I am love ♥

It’s just been a windy season… stay tuned…

Found photo online. Perfect illustration of my current season.

Florida and The Face of Change 

Last November I noticed one word, Florida. I saw it everywhere, heard it everywhere and had no idea I would be there a year later. 

I spent last week in Jacksonville attending my residency for my Mental Health counseling program. Whenever people ask me how it was the only word I can say is that it was INTENSE. Not in the curriculum, I mean it was nerve racking doing recorded counselor – client role plays and less nerve racking Co- leading a group counseling session with my peers. No that wasn’t it. I experienced an inner awareness, an opening of a new journey ahead. 
I took the image below from my hotel room (with my Samsung Galaxy S7) because it felt right. There is a lot of change and transitioning within and around me at this time. I just have to remember it’s necessary for development, it’s necessary for development.

Jacksonville and The Blue Bridge

For The World

And I’ve always felt different I never felt like I have a really belonged anywhere so I’ve always been within myself.Yet it hasn’t really been a problem until I start to speak my truth, my beliefs then I’m attacked or so it seems. 

I don’t know, all I see is people killing people, humans killing humans and for what exactly? 

Color, religion, sexual orientation, money ? It’s all wrong so wrong. And at the end of the day who wins? No one.

All this division all the separation for what, no real concrete reason? It’s just back and forth and back and forth no real solution no real resolution we must come together it’s the only conclusion. 

Anger fuels anger when is it going to stop we’re killing each other,

we’re killing the World. 

When will the World fully wake up and realize this? All the answers live within our God-Consciousness. I pray for the world, I send healing energy to the World for its people because I know one day they’ll come to see, they’ll come to see. 

The Manzanita Tree

Just like anything else change is constant, brother to time.

Didn’t realize how ready I was before I finally claimed mine

Transition of the Manzanita

Law of attraction, matter less than mind

Evolving as the Manzanita does, my roots continously search for fertile grounds and yet I rise.