Blossom into your Power!!!


The Blossom into your Power spiritual development program has arrived!
Hey my name is Amber Choisella and I’m a psychic medium and spiritual development mentor who helps souls beginning to experience spiritual phenomena, has history of trauma including physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual, or have experienced an unexpected loss and now feel lost or even stagnant in life.  This program was developed for you to transmute that shit into full embodiment of your sacred and divine power! Now is the time for you to Blossom and Rise👋🏾❤
This 3 month program which includes 12 weekly 90 minute mentoring video sessions,is for the soul who is looking to transmute trauma and learn how to embody their natural spiritual warrior power! 
Benefits you will obtain from this training is as followed:

  • You’ll discover your soul’s purpose and use it to be in service of others

  • Identify and develop your intuitive gifts and rise into a spiritual warrior

  • Build confidence by practicing your gifts in a supportive and loving environment

  • Foster continuous healing from the inside outward

  • Learn how to recognize souls in your soul tribe

  • Expand upon your soul’s knowledge and make significant personal growth

  • Embody your universal power, after all it is your soul and birth right

  • Group environment for you to receive additional support and encouragement throughout the 3 month program

  • Three Bonus teaching courses will be available once a month that are valued at $97 each for FREE 

Phases of Experience in the 3 months we’ll share together:

Phase 1: Examining your Soil

Week 1: Trauma Narrative; Who I am?

Week 2: Where am I looking to be?

Week 3: Inner garden narrative/ meeting your Spirit Guide/s

Week 4: Bonus Training: How to rid yourself of psychic thorns


Phase 2: Nourishing your Soil

Week 5: Bonus Training: Power of Manifesting Abundance

Week 6: Discussing and practicing clairvoyance

Week 7: Discussing and practicing clairaudience

Week 8: Discussing and practicing claircognizance

Week 9: Discussing and practicing clairsentience

*This week we will be practicing in Spirit Circles

Phase 3: Thriving in your Soil

Week 10: Exploring tools of communication

Week 11 Bonus training: Power of knowing your astrological chart

Week 12: Practicing what you know with power and confidence

I’m offering this group program for $497 off of the original price which will only be available for a very limited time only.

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VIP Exclusive 1 on 1 Blossom into your Power Mentorship Program

This is an exclusive offer for the soul who is looking for extra support throughout the 3 month training.


This VIP training is $3997 with a $1333 deposit. When you are ready click here. Payment Plans are available (monthly and bi-weekly).



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