Hey I’m Amber Choisella and I’m a psychic medium and spiritual development mentor who helps women beginning to experience spiritual phenomena develop their intuitive gifts and embody their power.

At the young age of 6 years old I saw my first Spirit, one of my Grandmother’s best friends came to visit me not long after she transitioned. From there I started hearing voices of unseen people, feeling senses that gave me high anxiety, and had dreams where loved ones who had passed into Spirit were communicating with me. To tell you the truth this shit scared the fuck out of me and I had no one to really talk to about it so I never spoke about it. Throughout my years of adolescence it was as if all of my experiences had disappeared, it felt great! It wasn’t until the night before I got into a almost fatal accident with my grandfather that all of my senses came back, with a vengeance! It was after this experience at the age of 21 that I realized it was time to develop my innate abilities. I found a Spiritualist church to aid me in my mediumship development and began taking courses with the University of Metaphysics to learn more about “psychic things” otherwise known as metaphysical science. I choose to earn a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and feel as though this is an essential component to offer with my services because these spiritual phenomena can be traumatic. I am on a journey of learning and sharing always. From my gift, I choose to sharing it with other souls so that they too can Blossom and Rise!

I offer a variety of different services that will provide you with clarity, insight, and healing that will spiritually support you as you move forward through this experience we call life.

I can help you with working through a relationship issue, creating stronger boundaries with others, or understanding what’s preventing you from moving forward and/or taking action to name a few scenarios. 

Perhaps you’re looking to hear from a loved one in Spirit for healing, understanding, and growth or you are seeking help to answer questions pertaining to the different relationships that you have in your life. Relationships such as friendships, work related, family, and intimate connections affect us in deep ways and sometimes we need insight outside of ourselves to help connect the dots. I can provide the answers to these inquires with support from your guides, angels, and loved ones in Spirit. 

Sessions are conducted via telephone or Zoom video. 



Reiki Healing (1 hour)

Reiki is a Universal Energy Healing. Reiki can help alleviate physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments. To note, I am not a medical provider and cannot diagnosis illnesses. This is a holistic form of healing. I am located at 1234 Broadway STE F, Placerville, CA 95667 which is the Spirit of Nature Store. I am scheduling by appointment only.





Spiritual/Metaphysical Counseling

If you’re looking for counseling with spiritual/metaphysical influence, this is the service for you! I am a therapist trained in psychotherapeutic and spiritual/metaphysical approaches. This session will focus on gathering information connected to your background and your current issues. Through my intuition you will gain clarity into your current situation by which I offer mediumship, meditations, and visualizations that have been proven to be successful to empower and support you in your spiritual journey. If you are just looking for insight and problem solving we can create goals in this one session. Please be advised this session runs between 1-1.5 hours. For following counseling sessions to follow up on goals or discuss new issue; each session after the intake are $65 and sessions run to 60 mins.





One Question Reading

If you are seeking an answer to one question I offer a one time rate of $50.00. This reading does not give a simple yes or no answer, instead it is an in depth answer to your question. I also encourage you to acknowledge, listen, and accept the answers that your higher self and Spirit are communicating to you. I will not take away your own free will, thus I will not make any decision for you.





Psychic Mediumship Reading

With this 1 hour reading I will connect with your higher self, Spirit Guides, and Loved Ones in Spirit to provide insight to questions and provide pertinent information that Spirit feels that you need to know at this time. You will leave this reading with a greater understanding, feel a sense of healing, and most importantly feel the phenomenal sense of true empowerment!