Modern Spiritualism & Metaphysics, They’re Not The Same

Modern Spiritualism & Metaphysics, They’re Not The Same

Have you heard of Modern Spiritualism and/ or Metaphysics? If not listen to this video and grow a new groove in your brain! The more you learn the more you know! They’re not the same!

4 thoughts on “Modern Spiritualism & Metaphysics, They’re Not The Same”

  1. It took me a while to find your blog posts, maybe I just can’t figure how to work sites, or maybe because there isn’t a blog heading.
    Good luck with all you’re doing…!
    Love and light (my newest signature line, not sure how long for)

    1. Hey Eliza it’s so great to hear from you!!!!! What do you mean there isn’t a blog heading, I’m not sure I not what that means. I love your new signature line, it’s also mine!!!!

      1. 🙂 When I’m on wordpress reader I can see your posts easily, when I was on your site I couldn’t find them as easily (well, I did in the end 🙂 )
        I meant that you have a menu: home, about, services, testimonials, contact and search. There isn’t a ‘blog/posts’ option on there.
        Love and light!

      2. Ok I understand what you mean now. Thanks for bringing this to my attention so I can change it! What’s been going on with you? Are you still creating beautiful music?

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