Mendo & Auntie Lex

Things happen in life when you least expect them to, that’s how it works doesn’t it? On the 27th of December my love asked me if I wanted to foster a pup that was found at work. He didn’t want the pup to go to the shelter so naturally I said yes! After I saw him for the first time I couldn’t ever imagine being without him!

While thinking of a name for him I decided to name him Mendo, short for Mendocino, which is the seaside town that my love and I love to go to. That sounds extra lol! Well Mendo, knows his name and the best part is he’s sooo lovable! The funny part is that Mamas came into my life the same way too. He’s still a baby less than a year old. Mamas passed away the same time he was probably born…. reincarnation possibly?

Happy New Year Everyone!


Mendo taking a nap after a long walk.
Mendo and his Auntie Lex

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  1. Mendo is a cutie. When my first dog died, it was one of the worst days of my life….When I adopted my second dog, I swear he has some of my first dog in him. Dogs are amazing, glad Mendo found you.

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