I found a piece of myself in British Columbia 

I found a piece of myself in British Columbia 

Vancouver never forgot about me and I shall never forget the city that hwy 5 runs up north to. Spirit told me months prior that I would be going to Vancouver and for awhile I fought against it but what’s meant to be will always be. I flew out of Sacramento into Seattle not knowing how this trip would turn out and I didn’t let it worry me. I arrived in Seattle and settled in my room. In the middle of the night I heard my name, loud, clear, and speaking with a feminine tone. I woke up confused because I was the only person in my room, yet I felt protected because I knew Spirit was with me. In the morning I got my things together got on the shuttle back to SeaTac (airport) to get my rental car and head north to Vancouver. Driving up I decided to listen to Esperanza Spalding because her music spoke to me at this moment in my life. Jazz hits me that way. She plays a role in my memory for this particular day. Yes, I spent a day, rather a few hours in Vancouver itself but nonetheless it was the journey that made everything what it was.


Passing the border seem to take forever and the officers are never “nice”. Once I was officially on Canadian soil I went and exchanged some money and then headed to the University of British Columbia where I had planned on spending my time. I had researched and saw a garden on campus and felt drawn there. Upon my first exit entering into the city I drove past a pillar that read, “The meaning of life is Love”, and I checked in my rear view mirror to make sure it was clear, it was, so I reversed and took a picture, which is above, knowing that this was a sign of synchronicity that I was on the right path.

Japanese Zen Garden, UVBC

Not realizing the garden I was going to ended up being a Japanese Zen Garden I fell in love with the serenity of the garden. It was then I put on my IPod and began listening to Espe when the song Apple Blossom feat Milton Nascimento came on and I found myself sitting in the gazebo in a meditation. There I was, a foreigner, alone, and unbothered, meditating in a gazebo listening to Esperanza Spalding, just living in the moment….

So I know you’re wondering, what is it that I found in British Columbia, well I’ll tell you…. I learned to rely on and trust in Spirit. Trust in the process of how this thing called life and development works. After my time spent in Vancouver I drove 5 hours south down to Portland, Oregon for my aunt’s 50th birthday party and there I met one of my soul mates. I noticed him and he noticed me but time later told us that we rejoined each other for lessons learned. I helped him through defeating an addiction and he helped me believe further into faith when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He currently has 2 more chemo treatments to go and he’s been ever so positive throughout the entire process. And to think I would have never known him unless I had ventured out into British Columbia.

Amber Choisella 💖

Apple Blossom & Meditation

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  2. It’s all about love… IAM and you are love… Trusting ourself allows us to experience a great life… Loved reading about your adventure in British Columbia… Great to meet you here on WordPress, look forward to following your journey x barbara

    1. I love when my words resonate and connect with others! We are Love, our main goal in life is to learn, grow, and share love. I look forward to following you on your journey as well🤗.

  3. Disregard that last response, my phone saved the last response, sorry lol. But uhhh yeah I agree with you, spirit or life is necessary for us to grow… that’s the point of life right?

  4. That’s awesome! The meditation in the zen garden sounds like something I would have ended up doing too, haha! I think having trust in “life” (you call it Spirit) is so important, it really gives us courage and strength to get through our downs, and to go out there and find things and people that are meaningful to us … or to go on adventures on our own, like you did! 😀

    1. There she is!!! Thanks for commenting, I would have to agree with you on this one! It’s been a while since you’ve posted, hope all is well! Lookin forward to reading from you sooner than later 😉

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