How to Check Your Feelings Versus Someone Else’s: 3 Signs You’re an Empath

How to Check Your Feelings Versus Someone Else’s: 3 Signs You’re an Empath

Empathy, is a word that basically means you feel what she, he, or they feel. This could mean emotionally or quite literally. I’m a twin and growing up I would know when and if something was wrong with my twin sister. Okay quick story to illustrate this point, I promise it’ll be quick and then I’ll go directly into different signs which indicator that you too are an empath too!!!

We (sister and I ) were maybe around 5 years of age or 4, when I had my first memory of an empathetic episode. I was inside of the house with my Grandmother when I started crying. I was crying because my big toe hurt, on my right foot, but when I looked down nothing was wrong. My Grandmother quickly ran to me to see what was wrong when all of a sudden we heard my sister crying outside. She was riding her tricycle outside with or Grandfather when she had gotten her toe stuck in the chain ring, the middle part of a bike. I think that’s what’s it called, but yeah and as soon as she started crying I ran outside to comfort her. That’s when my pain stopped. As you can see I literally pick up symptoms of physical ailments from other people outside of my twin sister. I can also pick up on emotions as well…. let’s see what other signs classify within empathy:

  1. You can walk into a room and know exactly what happened moments or possibly years before.
  2. Your mood will change randomly from stable to mad, depressed, or anxious for no logical reason.
  3.  All of a sudden you’ll development physical symptoms but when you go to the dr all your tests come back normal. Your symptoms continue until you find out who has the exact symptoms as you.

How to check yourself to figure out if this is coming from you or from someone else… super easy just take a moment and ask your higher self, is this me or someone else? You’ll feel the answer. Once you receive the answer then ask release the energy because it is not for you to keep. The best way to prevent these “attacks” is to GROUND  and PROTECT your energetic space DAILY.

If you say yes to any of these, surprise you’re an Empath, but we all are to one extent or another, since we are all Spiritual beings having a human experience!


Amber Choisella

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