How it feels to be touched by Spirit

How it feels to be touched by Spirit

This past Sunday I went to church for our “All message and healing service”. I usually go and work as a student medium, assisting the Pastor with giving those in the congregation a spirit greeting (short message). This service, will be be the one service I will never forget.

If you follow me then you would know that the greatest love of my life, my grandmother, made her transition three months ago. The experience changed me, it made me confident enough to go forward with my efforts of giving readings and counseling sessions. Well, we had a guest medium, by the name of Tom Flynn, a British medium who was visiting our church. It just seemed like every message he gave to someone was a message from “Babe” indirectly. He “inadvertently” made his way to me.

He first asked me to confirm physical characteristics which I knew was already my Babe. Throughout the reading I began to cry almost uncontrollably because I miss her and…. I thought she would’ve come to me by now. About 2 weeks before she transitioned, before we knew we would be leaving us I had asked her to come and visit me…. I’m still waiting…

Then he told me that my Grandmother wanted to hold my hand and to hold it out in front of me. I did as instructed and waited. He told me a few seconds later that she would be holding my hand and that I should feel a coldness in the center of my palm, immediately after he said that I felt the chill in the center of my left hand which was opened. That’s when the tears really started fallin down. I feel like I’ve lost a soulmate, that’s how deep my love for her is. I’m not lost trying to find her and I do feel her and hear her sometimes…. I loved to hold her hand so it’s not that strange that she wanted to hold my hand that day. Her touch was and still is everything to me… there just isn’t another type of love to compare to the kinda love I have for her.

If you have experienced a feeling like I’ve described please comment below, I would love to hear about it! Also, if you LOOOVVEEE the photo down below please click on it and it will take you to AMBER’S page! I felt that it was so fitting for this post! Thank you for allowing me to share this with you. I love you.

Amber Choisella♥





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  1. Beautiful post. Hi Amber, I got chills reading about your experience. Sometimes I see shadows in the living room floor when the lights are on early in the morning. No one’s there, mom’s asleep, and I think, Maybe it’s dad coming to visit. Love and peace <3

    1. Dearest Janie,

      Thank you for reading and leaving a comment! I always acknowledge what I see. I’ve been seeing more out the corner of my eyes nowadays and although I don’t know what it is exactly, I acknowledge that I saw it and keep going. It no longer frightens me. Fear is part of what we don’t understand. I may not know who it is but I understand that’s Spirit and that’s comforting. 🙂

  2. Chuckling at the memory in that same room: We were each instructed to invite a loved one to join us. My older cousin, my first bff, had passed. Suddenly, cold air cascaded down the front of me feeling every bit like the bucket of creek water he delighted in dumping on me when we were small.

    1. Oh my I am just realizing this happened to me while someone was telling me about his mother that passed away, I could feel something really cold starting from the top of my head and going down, exactly like a bucket with cold water mixed with chills if that makes sense. I could feel peace and love towards the person even though I didn’t know her. Then I’ve started saying things to the guy and they didn’t sound like coming from me, they were a bit too wise lol Thank you for writing the article! I hope you will always have this special connection between you and grandma!

      1. That’s so amazing Alexandra!!!!! How did the guy reach to what you said to him? That’s always the “intense” part, not knowing if what you’re relying is accurate, but that’s where faith comes in. Faith in yourself and faith in Spirit.

      2. Well the whole thing lasted less than a minute. He was talking about the deceased lady being as a spirit at the wedding of her granddaughter. I just got to say that I’m sure she was there with them and enjoyed every bit of the wedding. He was an Uber driver and my friend just jumped in the car and interrupted everything lol

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