Grieve, Because It’s Non-Abnormal

Grieve, Because It’s Non-Abnormal

I won’t apologize for screaming or crying or hiding  and not picking up your calls because I’m grieving.

I don’t care what the world says I should do, I’m human and this is what my shell

needs to do to move forward. My spirit, well it’s at peace knowing that she’s at peace yet these tears keep falling.

I can’t fake shit, I’m authentic so anything I feel I wear it proudly, no, World not cowardly.

And I’ll cry until my eyes are puffy and until my voice is non-existent, yeah yeah I’ll be ok.

Just promise me that when it’s my time to transition onward that there will be no sadness, cry in memories of our love, and no I’ll never judge you for that.

2 thoughts on “Grieve, Because It’s Non-Abnormal”

  1. Your own advice: “Be who you are and not what the world expects you to be. Tomorrow is too far away, let the next moment to be better than the last, that way you don’t lose out on anything!”
    PS: those who love you (and therefore those who matter) don’t need apologies for your behaviour! Sorry to hear about your dog X

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