Dreams and Flickering Lights

Dreams and Flickering Lights

Losing my Grandmother in the physical aspect was my worst living nightmare, even as a child just the thought traumatized me. I know now it’s because of our soul connection to one another and the many lifetimes we’ve shared that created this fear of…. potentially losing her. 

When the day finally came and her soul broke free, I felt alone, utterly alone but she always find ways to remind me of her presence, even on the day she passed on. 

I dream about her often, sense her presence, and acknowledge whenever she speaks to me. Hearing her is different now, but whenever I do I never doubt it. 

This morning while doing my hair and listening to one of Theresa Caputo’s audiobooks, the light flickered. It happened right when Theresa was talking about signs from loved ones. Thanks Babe.

I’ll miss my Grandmother for the rest of my life but I have so much of her left within me along with videos and pictures to remind me of her, so that the time I have left on this Earth won’t feel like it’s too far away from our reunion together.

If you’ve recently lost a loved one, I only hope that reading this brings you some type of comfort in knowing that our loved ones are never too far away and are always in our hearts. That’s comforting to know if anything else. 

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  1. Hi Amber, your posts are meaningful to me as I lost my dad more than three years ago. Sometimes I think I see a shadow or that someone walked by when no one’s there. I used to be afraid and now think it’s dad coming to visit. Spirits stay with us. You told me that. Keep writing and sharing. <3

    1. Hey Janie! We tend to fear what we don’t understand and you’re right, Spirit never leaves us! I visited a sister Spiritualist Church today out in San Francisco…. I’ll soon write a post about the message that came through from my Grandfather who transitioned 7 years ago!

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