Checking In Over and Out

Checking In Over and Out

Gosh it’s been awhile since I’ve last posted anything… I wanted to check in with everyone! I always want to give a BIG shout out to My Dearest Molly for the love you’ve given me during my absence. I love our relationship. I won’t go into everything that has been going on in this post but I will in my next one so please keep a look out for it. I will say this though, and this has been my created personal mantra, which I leave you with:

Change is necessary for development.

-Amber Choisella

I am ok because I am loved, therefore I am love ♥

It’s just been a windy season… stay tuned…

Found photo online. Perfect illustration of my current season.

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  1. Yeah what’s been happening???!! 😛 Look forward to hearing about your adventures, I hope they were mostly positive! Sometimes I freak that my WordPress Reader doesn’t show your posts anymore so I am glad I follow you on FB too! X

    1. I love you too Eliza! I haven’t been present but I’ve been reading your post among a few others. I’m okay, just going through a transition. Whenever I’m going through something I always withdraw until things smooths itself out. It’s not completely smoothed out but the lines are getting straighter 🙂

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