Shifting from Anger to Love

Ever since my Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicine ceremony my perception on others has shifted. Last week I visited a client at school and I noticed a teenage “low melanin” boy with a painted black face and red lipstick laughing amongst his friends. I stared at him and felt sadness for him. Most likely he has no idea the history behind “blackface” and why it is offensive to people with “high melanin”, people of color. I’m was not upset surprisingly, I felt compassion for this child’s ignorance. Hate can’t match hate, we have to rise above and love to create change. Love and education really.

I’m beginning to shift easier from anger to love and frustration to understanding quicker than ever before. Once an individual agrees to heal with TAPM a transformation immediately takes place and you are never the same after. I say this before we break through negative belief systems, fears, and timelines of past lives that are stored within our consciousness. We release what we no longer need. I’ll record a vlog explaining more in depth all of my integration symptoms and changes soon!

♥Amber Choisella

Vlog Describing My Intensely Beautiful Experience with Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicine

For those of you who have read  My Experience with Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicine. This is the vlog of this experience! If you haven’t yet read this blog yet, please do and then watch the video, or vice-versa! Comment if you’ve had experience with TAPM or Plant Medicine I love to hear about other people’s experiences!

My Experience with Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicine

Last Saturday I participated in a Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicine ceremony (TAPM). The following are my thoughts, feelings, and revolutions before and after the ceremony:

October 13th. 2018

Intentions for the Ceremony

  • I intend to be healed from my physical illness/s
  • I intend to have my DNA be activated
  • I intend to see my loved ones in Spirit
  • I intend to open my 3rd eye even more
  • I intend to travel and see Lightbeings
  • I intend for my mediumistic abilities to grow
  • I intend to learn so that I can share with others

SURRENDER to the process.

SURRENDER to the process.

SURRENDER to the process.


She tasted like chocolate to me. When I asked if that’s how She really tastes I was told NO.  May this be a sweet and fulfilling journey.

Bright ideas, we got bright ideas.

Bright ideas, we got bright ideas.


7:15am October 14th, 2018

I waited for an hour and a half for the first dose of Mother to work, meanwhile I just felt really restless, couldn’t stop moving. I asked for another dose. I was tired so I decided to lay down and go to sleep. Approximately 30 minutes later I shot straight up from my sleep and from there the journey began.

I recognized how I felt. I felt as though I had taken an 1/8th of mushrooms so I wasn’t alarmed. I felt like I had to pee. As soon as I got into the bathroom I immediately threw up in the toilet. I wasn’t even nauseous but up it came; the purge began.

One of the ceremony helpers (Earth Angel) came and asked me if I was okay. I said no. I asked if they could walk with me back to the ceremonial space, they did. I didn’t get to urinate so when I came back I was immediately reminded and I asked the Shaman to take me, they did. I felt the split of reality which is normal while on a mushroom trip adn I was okay with that. We walked back to the ceremonial space and that’s when I began to descend in to my dark space.

I felt like I was going back into the space I found myself in the last time I experienced plant medicine. It terrified me because for the first time in my life I contemplated suicide. I became extremely uncomfortable and said out loud, “Why am I doing this again?” That’s where one of the helpers (Soul SiStar) came and when she touched me I knew I was going to be okay. The Earth Angel came and I looked at them and said, “Please help me”. They then placed another arm around me; I truly felt supported. Then I began to loudly purge. During this time the Shaman began singing in an indigenous Amazonian language, that I obviously didn’t understand. I did not want to let go of the Soul SiStar because I knew her, I trusted her, and her energy felt so calming. They (Earth Angel and Soul SiStar) both reminded me that I am a Goddess and that I must stand tall and remember to breath, deep breath. The purging continued. The Shaman then came and sat next to and for some reason I felt…. not quite afraid but apprehensive of their presence. Their energy was very powerful and BIG. They asked for the helpers to leave but I was adamant that Soul SiStar stayed. I needed her, and so she stayed. She continued to rub my back and remind me that “I am a Goddess” and practiced deep breathing with her. I grabbed very tightly to her leg as I could not let go. It was a sense of control, which I didn’t really have, and my only sense of normality.

The Shaman sang their song which was just for me and when they touched me, I felt such an immense and calming power rush over and through me. They were smoking tobacco and reminding me why I was here. Their laughter felt so loving and I began to ascend out of the hell I was in. Then I started to cry. I cried lakes and waterfalls. I was loud and vulnerable. I was freely releasing. The Shaman told me, “I see you as a beacon, this is where you are most grounded”. I knew that was true and I began to cry. They then said, “Thank you for showing up . You are here to do the hard work. The work isn’t easy.” They continued to sing to me and I entered into unity consciousness. I felt true unconditional love, a space where we are ONE as that is the true definition of love.

I wept and was given a message, “This is not yours to release” and I knew I wept for my ancestors and the people of the world and I was okay with this. The Shaman had left me in the hands of the Soul SiStar. I was no longer gripping her knee. We were sitting side by side to one another and she continued to rub my back and reminded me to breathe. She asked me twice if I was ready to lay down, I wasn’t. I remember how clear my sinuses were and how full of gratitude I felt for this entire experience. I repeatedly say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you” quietly. When I was ready to lay down I spoke silently to Babe (my Grandmother), “Grandma where were you?” She responded, “I am here and was with you this entire time. You needed to do this work. I ‘m always with you”. I drifted off to sleep, highly uncomfortable sleeping in a sleeping bag on a cold floor with coughing spells.

As I write I hear birds chirping and the sounds of this waterfall cascading into a beautiful pond in front of me and I feel… lighter, more forgiving of self, and grateful for this experience. It is now my responsible to share what I’ve learned.

Understanding the Darkness

The darkness is different for every individual. My darkness felt more like an overall fear. I was completely lucid of the way I felt and the world outside of myself, I can’t quite explain it. The darkness is comprised of our fears, blockages, past life traumas, and ancestral traumas. The more one purges (expelling the darkness through vomiting, defecating, burping, crying, or moving around, all of these are moving energy). Once we started our purging we are then able to release what we no longer need nor want. Some have said this is call Death of the Ego, but that’s not what I understood my darkness to be. I called this entire experience, Intensely Beautiful.

After Affects of TAPM

It’s a week since the ceremony and I have been experiencing…. thangs. Firstly, I’ve been having dreams with messages and prophecy. My body is now reacting differently to food and substances such as meat, fried foods, and even caffeine. I just can’t tolerate bullshit ass substances anymore. I haven’t ate meat nor craved it since last weekend. I’m still open to more upgrades as I am expected to experience more as time goes on. As part of the ceremonial package we participants receive coaching towards entering a lifestyle of cleaner eating (vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian) and healing included with light language.

Who can participate in a Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicine Ceremony?

This process is a serious spiritual journey and one must be properly prepared before the ceremony.  This preparation includes a readiness of the soul “to do the work” necessary for ascension and need to practice clean eating, trust me this is a major component! This isn’t for an experience, it’s the means to ascend and grow etherically.

In Love and Light,

Amber Choisella♥

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These are 6 out of many reasons that one can seek out metaphysical/spiritual counseling. This form of counseling is different from traditional counseling because it includes, guided meditations, prayers, and messages from Spirit. I only work as hard as you do. This is a collaborative service. I believe in your will to recover, overcome, and excel!
Send me a message if you are interested in scheduling a session! Virtual session can offer in person only in Placerville, California.

With Love,

Amber Choisella

How to Recognize Your Soulmates; Hint, They’re Not Always Your Love Interests

Whenever someone tells you that you are never alone it’s true, you never are. You are always surrounded with a loving presence. This presence is a collective group that I simply refer to as “The Loving Collective”, which is comprised of guides, loved ones, and higher beings such as angelic, light, and other terrestrial beings. We live in an infinite Universe, one of many really, and there are other forms of life than human but that’s another subject for another time. Now back to the Loving Collective; before, we incarnate into this present lifetime we are in communion with our group who helps us with planning out goals and what we as souls aim to achieve during our life on Earth. We have our guides and members of our soul group to help us plan events of life including struggles, heartaches, and pain so that we can learn specific lessons that will fulfill and grow your soul. WHAT? We plan to go through the hard shit in life, that doesn’t just happen on its own? Absolutely, every experience we go through in life is for the basis of learning and growing, even that shit that hurts us the most.

I listening to Destiny of Souls by Dr. Michael Newman via Audible I came across a session when he had a case who was talking about karmic ties between her and her husband in a past life and the person she left behind in this life. Now, if you don’t know of this book or of the author, Dr. Newman is a phenomenal hypnotherapist who works with past life and in between lives regression. This story occurred during an in between lives session. We’ll call the client Kathy. Kathy had a past life where she became a “ghost”, a Spirit who chose to remain earthbound after she transitioned into pure energy, based upon the fact that her husband chose to leave. Her husband told her that he felt like he needed to leave her and the life they built together to go explore. He still loved her but the need for him to go and explore was greater. Once he left she never saw him again. When her physical body died she could not bear to move on until her husband returned. She was inhabited space (haunting) of her former residence for over 100 years until she made the conscious decision to make her transition into the realm of Spirit. In this lifetime she felt the need to move from where she lived all of her life on the East coast of the United States and reconnected her life leaving behind Ethan who proved to be her husband in her past life. These two souls agreed to come together and worked through karmic ties, would a friend not help you if ever you needed it? It’s the same situation as you think about soulmates.

Love is love no matter the type of relationship you are involved in because our souls agreed with other souls, our mates of the soul, to accomplish great things in this life! So whenever you think you’re alone, YOU ARE NEVER ALONE IN THIS JOURNEY CALLED LIFE, not when you have soulmates here to support you.


Amber Choisella


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Psychometry: The 3 Things You Need to Know as You Develop Spiritually

If you are looking to develop your own innate spiritual gifts, the first step I suggest that you do is to join a development group, this is where you will practice the phenomenon of psychometry. This awesome spiritualistic activity helps you narrow into which clair you’re most incline to develop, really which of the clair’s are you strongest in. Just to remind you of the major clair’s which means “clear” are as followed:

  • clairvoyant (clear-seeing),
  • clairaudient (clear-hearing),
  • clairsentient (clear-feeling)
  • claircognizant (clear-knowing),
  • clairalienct (clear-smelling), and
  • clairgustance (clear-tasting)

So how does psychometry come into play you might be asking yourself? Well….. imagine you’re sitting in a circle with other people which whom you’ve just met. The leader of the group asked everyone who entered the circle prior to introductions to place something from their pockets, wallet, or purses into a small basket. After introductions are completed the leader then passes around the same basket and asks for each person to blindly reach in and pick up something and without looking at it, describe what you are receiving from the object that you have chosen. You have chosen what feels like a keychain but what else are you sensing from the keychain? Are you seeing, feeling (physically/emotionally), or hearing something that you feel is connected to this object? Now before you disclose what you received to the group remember these 3 important things:

  1.  ACCEPT what you have initially received
  2.  BELIEVE this is accurate information
  3. CONFIDENT, be this, that’s how you find your truth

My Recent Experience with Psychometry

Last Saturday I attended a mediumship development group. I’m always the youngest member yet I’m always eager to meet new people and see if we’re on the same vibrational wave, and we were!!! When it was time for the psychometry activity I reached inside of a small basket with my eyes closed and picked up what felt like a ring. This is exactly what I received immediately upon picking up the ring:

Margie, Marjoire, or Margaret, this feels like a grandmotherly or motherly vibration, definitely of feminine energy, wedding, and the numbers 54 or 44 which I thought signified a year or date.

After I provided this exact information the leader of the group looked at me with a stoic face and simply said, “Interesting”, before moving to the next person beside me. Once it was time for the the leader to disclose the true information about the origins of the ring this is what they said:

My Spiritual name is Marguerreta, no one else knows that. The ring is what I brought for myself after my husband died to replace my wedding ring, and I bought it when I was 44 years old.

She then asked me how I receive my information and I had to think about it because I never had before. I accessed this information through my claircognizant, I just knew it and I ACCEPTED, BELIEVED, and COMMITTED to the information that I received and I was right on!

Practice makes perfect my friend, and with more practice you too will come into developing your innate spiritual power!


Amber Choisella



Inner Garden Meditation

I want you to close your eyes and relax. Take a deep breath in. Feel your stomach fill with air like a giant balloon and then slowly it out. Take 3 deep breaths feeling yourself relax more and more with each breathe. On your last breath feel yourself completely relaxed and at ease with your entire self. To ensure complete relaxation I want you to place your focus on the bottom of your feet and image either a warm or cooling sensation, which ever one fits to your liking. Now feel this sensation travel up your thighs, knee, hips, now up to your stomach, chest, then both arms. Now see your hands glow with the warm or cool sensation you have chosen for yourself. Now feel the sensation go up your upper chest, shoulders, throat, to the top of your head. Feel your entire body glowing. You are now protected and completely relaxed.


You are now walking across a wooden white bridge. You are now standing in front of a beautiful garden. You walk into the garden where you see a bright light focusing in a specific area of the garden. What does that look like? What does it feel like? Look around the garden what do you see? Take a moment and look around. You now notice that the bright light is now surrounding you. Within this light you have transformed to be a part of the garden. What is different? Does the garden look different now? Take a moment and look at the garden from the perspective of a flower in the garden, you are a flower now. What do you look like? What color are your petals, do you have any weeds near or surrounding you? How moist is the soil you’re growing on?


You now hear a bell ring in the distance and you are back in the garden and the bright light is no longer surrounding you. You are standing in the middle of the garden and it is time to return back to the here and now. You are now walking across the bridge. You can now feel your seat. Wiggle your toes and when you are ready open your eyes.

Amber Choisella



Have You Spoken to a Tree? Conversations with Nature

I watched a video from Karen A. Dahlman  where she spoke about her experiences of “speaking” to trees and I felt truth resonating with my Spirit as I listened to it. Last week as I preparing to get into my car and go to work I felt drawn to this tree and felt directed to film the experience. I challenge you to do the same. Listen with your feelings, listen with your higher self, and KNOW that we are all interconnected. Watch the video to witness the experience of conversations with Nature.

Amber Choisella