About me

Amber Choisella

Psychic Medium

Hey Blossoming Soul, this is Amber Choisella here and I thank you for visiting my website. At the young age of 6 years old I saw my first Spirit, one of my Grandmother’s best friends came to visit me not long after she transitioned. From there I started hearing voices of unseen people, feeling senses that gave me high anxiety, and had dreams where loved ones who had passed into Spirit were communicating with me. To tell you the truth this sh** scared the f*** out of me and I had no one to really talk to about it so I never spoke about it. Throughout my adolescent years it was as if all of my experiences had disappeared, it felt great! It wasn’t until the night before I got into an almost fatal accident with my grandfather that all of my senses came back, with a vengeance! It was after this experience at the age of 21 that I realized it was time to develop my innate abilities. I found a Spiritualist church to aid me in my mediumship development and began taking courses with the University of Metaphysics to learn more about “psychic things” otherwise known as metaphysical science. I practice under the instruction of Modern Spiritualism with my mediumship. I choose to earn a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling so that I can help others work through relationship issues, help create stronger boundaries with others, and help others understand what’s preventing them from moving forward and take action to move forward.

I am on a journey of learning and sharing always. I choose to share my gifts with other souls so that they too can Blossom and Rise!

October 2019 changed my life forever. This was when I met my Divine Counterpart and embarked on the Twin Flame journey and recognized myself as a Divine Feminine which threw me full force into my own self-healing journey that my Divine Masculine graciously led me into.

l love to talk about all things spiritual/metaphysical and I love to teach others about developing their own innate spiritual gifts to live a higher vibrational life; a life that you can confidentially live enlightened! I am here to encourage and support you so that you too can live a life that is free to Blossom and Rise!