About Me

I started on the route of spirituality at the age of 6 when I first experienced spiritual phenomena. I saw, heard, and felt Spirit as a child and when I was 21 years old when my grandfather passed, where i had a “knowing” that he would pass, was when I decided to to reach out for help in understanding what was happening to me. It was only then that I began to learn that what I was experiencing was not a curse but instead a blessing.
I learned that I am a psychic medium and I have decided to use my abilities to mentor and coach others on how to use their gifts free from insecurities! I am also learning and practicing Reiki Healing as well, in addition to my clinical therapeutic and spiritual/metaphysical background I have developed a spiritual/metaphysical counseling practice that is open for scheduling!

I love to talk about all things spiritual/metaphysical and most importantly I love to teach others about developing their own innate spiritual gifts in order to live a higher vibrational life; a life that you can confidentially live enlightened! I am here to encourage and support you so that you too can live a life that is free to and for your spirit!




Amber Choisella