How to manifest Love & Attract a relationship with Spirit


I’ll never be happy, no one will ever love me, why do I always feel like I’m being used, these are all things I know I’ve heard myself over and over and over again. It’s difficult to even conceive love if you don’t know what love is to begin with, so let’s start from there. Love is ever supportive, always encouraging, and is unconditional is every way.


Let’s go all the way back to the first moment you felt what love was. Could it have been as inside of the womb when your mother sang to you and upon being born you remembered the vibration of love in the membrane of your soul? Or could it have been when you spent time with your grandparents on holidays because they lived far away from you and you remember the scent of grandma’s cooking every time you walked through the door? There are many opportunities to experience love but the most important love begins with self first. Did that struck a cord from within, good it was meant to.  Now that you’re in the feels of the originator of heartbreak time and time again, let’s worked towards understanding why and what Spirit has to do with it.


We accept the love we think we deserve and what that truly means is that we attract what we energetically send out. Think about it for a minute and examine what you allow and who you surround yourself with. Birds of a feather flock together, wow, I’m on a roll with these catchy sayings, I digress, but seriously examine the energy that surrounds you and what type of energy you allow within your energetic field. We all have an energetic field also know as an aura and it surrounds our body in addition the aura also holds onto energy as well which can be more harm than good. The law of attraction doesn’t just focus on energy of the living but also the discarnate to be weary of the energy that you put out there because it’ll come straight to you!


Spirit wants you to be happy and feel loved because you are the love in which you seek. That is my favorite message from Spirit, “you are the love in which you seek” and in order to find it you have to go within. If you get doing the same actions and expect a different result you are wrong! Spirit is always with you whether you are aware of them or not and whether you are aware of it or not, you can ask for their assistance, don’t just ask the Universe, check in with Spirit (Guides, Loved Ones, and Angels).  Developing rapport with your Spirit Gang is SOOOOOO important! To pound this concept into your skull I’m gonna share with you my experience with allowing Spirit in to help guide me finding a love that is for my highest best!


I always desired love from a partner. I desired that attention from someone, someone who wanted me as much as I wanted them, but it never worked because I only attracted the wounded who were incapable of loving others. I experienced the desire from love from a dysfunctional relationship I had with my father as a child up into adolescent so I was also a wounded soul who unknowingly was attracting the same lower vibration wishing and not understanding why I couldn’t get anything “better” than what I was getting. It was so hard to look at myself in the mirror and be in awe with its reflection. I was in an abusive relationship and could not understand why… why me? It wasn’t until I started to develop my spiritual abilities that my energy started to vibrate differently, vibrate higher that I was able to connect to a high level of vibration of self-love. After I committed myself to falling in love with myself first I created a list of characteristics that I wanted in a partner. I did this in a letter to the Universe, in which I entitled it. I wrote down about 13 traits then folded it up and placed it in my purse forgetting all about it. Approximately 30 days later my now partner send me a message on a dating app that I was guided to create six months prior. Change happens when change happens. Change your vibration and know that the change you’re looking for will be very evident in your life.




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