Offering LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT for Metaphysical Intake Counseling Session.

Metaphysical Counseling could be a great form of service for you if you can answer to Yes to any of the following:
1. You are experiencing energetic blockages that are preventing you from manifesting positivity and/or moving forward.
2. You are looking to grow spiritually but need goals to get you moving.
3. You’ve tried traditional counseling and didn’t feel as though you were able to go deep enough for any change to occur.
4. You suffer from anxiety and need help with grounding.
5. You are experiencing spiritual phenomena and need help processing.
6. You need help with dream interpretation.
These are 6 out of many reasons that one can seek out metaphysical/spiritual counseling. This form of counseling is different from traditional counseling because it includes, guided meditations, prayers, and messages from Spirit. I only work as hard as you do. This is a collaborative service. I believe in your will to recover, overcome, and excel!
Send me a message if you are interested in scheduling a session! Virtual session can offer in person only in Placerville, California.

With Love,

Amber Choisella

Author: Amber Choisella

I am an old soul learning, living, and spreading love and light. I am also a Psychic Medium who works as a Therapist and who struggles with anxiety so I blog about both; anxiety and spiritual/metaphysical content! I'm here to help share knowledge on anxiety and growing spiritually.

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