Whenever someone tells you that you are never alone it’s true, you never are. You are always surrounded with a loving presence. This presence is a collective group that I simply refer to as “The Loving Collective”, which is comprised of guides, loved ones, and higher beings such as angelic, light, and other terrestrial beings. We live in an infinite Universe, one of many really, and there are other forms of life than human but that’s another subject for another time. Now back to the Loving Collective; before, we incarnate into this present lifetime we are in communion with our group who helps us with planning out goals and what we as souls aim to achieve during our life on Earth. We have our guides and members of our soul group to help us plan events of life including struggles, heartaches, and pain so that we can learn specific lessons that will fulfill and grow your soul. WHAT? We plan to go through the hard shit in life, that doesn’t just happen on its own? Absolutely, every experience we go through in life is for the basis of learning and growing, even that shit that hurts us the most.

I listening to Destiny of Souls by Dr. Michael Newman via Audible I came across a session when he had a case who was talking about karmic ties between her and her husband in a past life and the person she left behind in this life. Now, if you don’t know of this book or of the author, Dr. Newman is a phenomenal hypnotherapist who works with past life and in between lives regression. This story occurred during an in between lives session. We’ll call the client Kathy. Kathy had a past life where she became a “ghost”, a Spirit who chose to remain earthbound after she transitioned into pure energy, based upon the fact that her husband chose to leave. Her husband told her that he felt like he needed to leave her and the life they built together to go explore. He still loved her but the need for him to go and explore was greater. Once he left she never saw him again. When her physical body died she could not bear to move on until her husband returned. She was inhabited space (haunting) of her former residence for over 100 years until she made the conscious decision to make her transition into the realm of Spirit. In this lifetime she felt the need to move from where she lived all of her life on the East coast of the United States and reconnected her life leaving behind Ethan who proved to be her husband in her past life. These two souls agreed to come together and worked through karmic ties, would a friend not help you if ever you needed it? It’s the same situation as you think about soulmates.

Love is love no matter the type of relationship you are involved in because our souls agreed with other souls, our mates of the soul, to accomplish great things in this life! So whenever you think you’re alone, YOU ARE NEVER ALONE IN THIS JOURNEY CALLED LIFE, not when you have soulmates here to support you.


Amber Choisella


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