As I’m writing this to remind you, I’m also reminding myself…. dude don’t claim that shit! If you’ve been fighting through what I call “BROKITIS”, don’t claim it. Claiming it would be you saying, “Fuck… I’m always broke, or, I can’t do anything because I”m broke”. Once you’ve said this to yourself you’ve also created a message to the Universe unintentionally saying, “Yes continue to keep things coming my way that will keep me broke”. Everyone says this and really means it because let’s face, who likes to be constantly broke? Completely rhetorical, but you get what I’m saying here.

Illness is another self-proclamation that we speak into existence that say, “I’m always sick”; therefore, you will continue to be sick. This one relates so much to me right now in my life. If you have been following my past posts about Chronic Sinusitis, you would know that I’ve been struggling with this illness for about 6 months now with one month of being symptoms free. I realized that I have a habit of saying, “I’m always sick. I need to have surgery. I’m tired of being sick”. These are all affirming statements that block any potential from healing me. So how do I, or how can you change it? Let’s get to it!

  1. Don’t saying negative shit to yourself!
  2. Stop accepting what is currently especially if it’s negative in nature.
  3. Remember that you create your reality

Once you realize these three major concepts you can start breaking down bullshit blockages and get to healing and manifesting your highest best!

You are the creator of your own reality. Now go manifest some fantastic shit!


Amber Choisella

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