Last year I did a public speaking event where I spoke about the meaning behind LOVE. Life can be difficult and be the most amazing experience all in one; yet, at times it can make you stop and ask why. Why do certain things happen to us or to people we love?  Why is there so much hate in the world? Why are we killing one another for the difference of our skin complexion, our beliefs, and our differences? It doesn’t make any sense, that much is true. For all the horrendous things that happen within humanity, have you ever stopped to think about tragic events are meant to be create catalyst effects? What if all the events that happen in the world are meant to create something new, something greater than ourselves, allowing us to learn how to overcome variation of everything. Love continuously even in the face of evil because love permeates all things.

In memory of the lives that were taken unexpectedly to violence in recent days and for all the lives that have been taken unexpectedly:

Nia Wilson

Lesandro Guzman-Feliz

Luz Gonzales

Jazmyne Jeter



Amber Choisella

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