Year: 2016

Wanders of the Pen

And if you should ever have to wonder Just think about the day we went  hiking in the pouring rain and all that we experienced together. Never search for what is never far behind, and I’ll always remind you that I’ll always become What you became to me. Love Amber Choisella


Looking in the mirror I see a different person, unrecognizable, I fade away to a place you’ll never find, immersed deeply within my own mind. I’m here but not really, there but not completely, wandering yet not lost. Don’t search for me, I’m not tryna be found. Follow me, get un-lost with me, these are …

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Marching Men

And when they fell they all fought for the existence They felt they were owed. They knew nothing except what they expected and really they expected everything yet had nothing to give. Willingly. Shame, as the walls came burning down…