I really thought I would take your transition HARD yet I’ve been surprisingly happy. Perhaps it’s because I’m not searching for you. Where you are isn’t Up somewhere that is unreachable, no, your existence is omnipresent. Although, I don’t interact with you as I normally have, you still communicate to me. I hear you speak to me when I’m having a rough moment. I don’t doubt it, I don’t question it. I also don’t believe that these incidences are occurring because I want them to, you’ve never left me. It’s as simple as that. In fact I know it is you that is behind my sudden push into doing my life’s work. Thank you. Sure there’s times that I cry when I think about you; that’ll be for the rest of my life. Thank you for always sending me signs as you said you would before you passed onward. I will always be your baby. 

Message given to me during a meditation circle held at my church

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