On Hiatus, Working on Transforming Blog to Website with Services

Hey Folks,

It’s been a while since I’ve dropped a line but be rest assured I’m still present. I’ve been working on upgrading my blog to a website where I’ll still keep a blog but I will extend my site to provide spiritual and metaphysical services such as counseling and readings. I have been reading other blogs that I’m following and I’ve been present on BayArt. There you can check out my latest post pertaining to self-love.

TruthCodex has been a TREMENDOUS help with upgrading my site so that I’ll have a calendar for bookings and a PayPal account for donations. I have to give a HUGE shout out  to him for helping me during this transition.

Also, please LIKE and visit my new Facebook page, The Free Spirit. I had to name it after my license plate,  thefresprt, since The Free Spirited naturally was already taken. So that’s my update. Can’t wait to work from my new site coming soon!



Amber Choisella

Author: Amber Choisella

I am an old soul learning, living, and spreading love and light. I am also a Psychic Medium who works as a Therapist and who struggles with anxiety so I blog about both; anxiety and spiritual/metaphysical content! I'm here to help share knowledge on anxiety and growing spiritually.

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