At first we had a great relationship. You began presenting new perspectives, I was always eager to make new discoveries, and I met some amazing folks because of you, yet I’m just about ready to move on from you.

Straight A’s come at a cost,  I knew that going in but I didn’t anticipate you robbing me of my sanity… spending 32-40 hrs a week for assignments yet I’m not getting paid any extra than my 8-5, yet I still call you a friend.

I’m ready to finish and graduate to work in my career, to help others,  to say,  yes I am Amber Choisella, LPCC (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor). I can’t even focus on my Metaphysical Counseling Master’s program because I’m completely and totally hopelessly devoted to you. An unrequited love.

-Rant of a tired and rundown grad student

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