Thoughts of A Grieving Mother

When I realized her breathing patterns didn’t match mine I knew that this was  serious. Last week I held her in my arms and cried and thanked her for everything that she’s been for me. My baby, my baby oh how I miss her.


God sent her to me in a time when I really needed a miracle. She appeared on my back door with no leash and sparking blue nail polish, so apparently she was someone’s pet. My father and I walked about our neighborhood posting up signs for a missing pet, but no one claimed her so she was meant to be mine. We had a very close relationship and anytime I was in need she would always be there. I literally feel like I gave birth to her. I also feel like she’s one of my Spirit guides to guide me and be with me. I feel like we made that decision before I decided to reincarnate into this life.


Mamas has been everything to me , and I know I’m being selfish, I’m human, but got dammit I wish I could give her what she needed to live; a new kidney, eyes that were clear and could provide amazing slight, and an eardrum so she could continue hearing my song to her.


God, I really needed her to meet her future brother or sister but we know she will be with them in spirit. Mamas you served your purpose and were loved so well. Oh man I MISS you so much. Please come and visit me from time to time until our souls reunite again.

A grieving mother

Author: Amber Choisella

I am an old soul learning, living, and spreading love and light. I am also a Psychic Medium who works as a Therapist and who struggles with anxiety so I blog about both; anxiety and spiritual/metaphysical content! I'm here to help share knowledge on anxiety and growing spiritually.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts of A Grieving Mother

    1. A transition of any kind is never easy but is so needed to move forward. Thank you for letting me know that this too moved you and thank you for your condolences, it is very much appreciated.

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