Looking in the mirror I see a different person, unrecognizable, I fade away
to a place you’ll never find, immersed deeply within my own mind.

I’m here but not really, there but not completely, wandering yet not lost. Don’t search for me, I’m not tryna be found. Follow me, get un-lost with me, these are fertile for experience grounds.

Amber Choisella

Author: Amber Choisella

I am an old soul learning, living, and spreading love and light. I am also a Psychic Medium who works as a Therapist and as a Metaphysical Counselor and I blog about spiritual/metaphysical content! I am available for psychic mediumship readings and metaphysical counseling. Since you're here drop a line and stay a while or for a moment in time! I would love to hear from you! In love and light!

10 thoughts on “Amberland

      1. No such thing as wasted words! Especially when they come from the heart. I bet your voice is just as beautiful as your thoughts within!


      2. Words from the heart are always the best to read. No my voice is really really terrible unfortunately, but thanks for the optimism lol!


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