Metaphysical/Spiritual Counseling may be a good fit for you! You can embark on an empowering and divine path of healing with this form of counseling. Have you tried conventional counseling but couldn’t find a connection to it? Click here to hear more about how metaphysical counseling could be the right fit for you!

Are you interested in in learning how your innate spiritual abilities can be developed and integrated in your everyday life?

My 10 Week Spiritual Development Program could be a perfect fit for you

Reasons for enrollment include the following:

  • Challenges with understanding or accepting your spiritual gifts
  • Experiencing spiritual phenomena (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance)
  • Understanding self spiritually
  • Empowering and building confidence
  • Embodying your innate spiritual power

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I also provide psychic mediumship readings which can be found within Services page, click HERE.


In Love & Light.

Amber Choisella

Your Spiritual Mentor & Counselor