Metaphysical/Spiritual Counseling may be a good fit for you! You can embark on an empowering and divine path of healing with this form of counseling. Have you tried conventional counseling but couldn’t find a connection to it? Click here to hear more about how metaphysical counseling could be the right fit for you!

Are you interested in learning about your innate spiritual gift/s and learn how to embody your power?

If so the 10 week Spiritual Development Program could be a great fit for you! Within this program you will learn, explore, practice, and build confidence to to embody your innate spiritual power!

Reasons for services include the following:

  • Gain insight with understanding or accepting your spiritual gifts
  • Gain clarity on spiritual phenomena (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc)
  • Receive healing and understanding
  • Feel empowered and build self-confidence

I am also a psychic medium who provides  1 hour psychic mediumship readings. If you’re looking for a specific answer to question about love, career moves, or even dream interpretations I do offer this service as well. Please visit my services page to view other product items. 

My Reason Why:

I grew up experiencing spiritual phenomena that created fear and anxiety from childhood up until adulthood. It wasn’t until the passing of my grandfather, where I had a “knowing” that he would pass, that I decided to develop my spiritual gifts further. Counseling was AMAZING for me as an adolescent so I decided to give back others the same way counseling had done for me, BUT, I realized I was missing a serious significant aspect of my work and that was the spiritual component. I am a counselor who believes that spirituality is an essential component of one’s overall wellness.

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In Love & Light.

Amber Choisella

Your Spiritual Mentor